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Ariana's POV*

In the doorway stood Isaac, Frankie, Mum, Nonna, Grandad, Scott, Brian, Jones, Liz and Lexie!! There were balloons, streamers, and a BIG FAT cake that said " Happee Burthdae Arry" Yes! It's my birthday June 26th. I totally forgot!! Then, my phone buzzed. Jai texted me. Turn Around and Happy Birthday ily 💑💗. Jai walked into the door with the boys. I hugged them in tight and then shared out my cake.

Jai's POV*

"It was kind of my idea to tell Ms. Grande to call Ari. I just hope she didn't get too frightened 💙💙💙. I love her to death so while she was on her way to the airport me and the boys rehearsed a song made just for Ari. " I said. Ariana came and hugged me soo tight. We all went to the living room so we could perform.

****** Song ******

Hey bae I just wanna show I love you.

Every day and every niiiiiigghhhttt.

And I just wanna hold youuu

In my arms sooo tigghhhhtt.

Cuz baby, baby you make the staaaarrs


Ohhoohh oh babyy oh babby you make those staaaarrrrsss align with youu.

When you soar so higghhhh. Oh those stars revolve around you! You make it so pure so bold and true!!


*** end ***

"OH BABBYYY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" Ariana screamed. She ran up to me and kissed me. Then the family all said " Awhhhhhh" including the boys.

Ariana's POV*

The boys sang me a great song, even though they can't sing very well :)

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