Katy stared hard at Destiny, clutching her so tightly Destiny winced.

"Katy, let go!" She struggled to say, still having difficulty speaking due to the water. Katy was quick to loosen her grip.

"Okay Destiny, what do you remember?" She asked slowly.

"The airport," Destiny answered after thinking about it. "I was trying to find your house... Did you know its on Google?"

"Is it?" Katy asked, becoming momentarily distracted. "Oh never mind, that's really not the point right now. Do you remember me finding you? Or Demi's charity event?"

"No, what are you talking about? I don't even know how I got here! But, Katy?" Destiny said, looking all around her. "Where is here?"

"My house," Katy answered. "You lost your memory, Sweetie... At least now you remember everything from before you were missing..."

"Missing! How long was I missing for?" Destiny cried worriedly.

"It felt like forever," Katy whispered. Tears were now appearing in her eyes and she quickly pulled Destiny into another bone-crushing hug. "Never do that to me again," she whispered. "Please... Next time, just call me when you need me. I would have come to get you. That was the plan anyway..."

"The plan?" Destiny asked, feeling a little confused. "What plan?"

"My tour starts off in Britain, I was going to find you. You could have seen every show. I would have sorted it out with your-...." Katy stopped, not knowing what to call Destiny's 'parents'.

"Parents," Destiny finished stubbornly. But this time, Katy smiled. Some things would never change, and she never wanted Destiny to. She was perfect just the way she was.

"Yeah. It was Shannon's idea really," Kary explained. Destiny nodded silently. For a while they sat like that, nobody speaking.

"Wait!" Destiny cried, sitting bolt upright. "I need to text Miss Chelsea! She's going to kill me!"

"Whoa, calm down there. It's all okay. She knows you went missing and Shannon told her you're found." Katy soothed quickly. "There, panic over." Destiny nodded and giggled softly.

"When are you leaving for Britain?" She asked nervously.

"Soon," Katy answered. "A few days, why?"

"What about me? I can't go back," she whispered.

"Yes you can, you can stay with me. Don't worry Honey, I'll fix everything." Katy promised.

"Pinkie promise?" Destiny asked with a yawn, letting herself lean on Katy as sleep began to invade.

"Pinkie promise," Katy confirmed. That was the last thing Destiny heard before she fell asleep. Katy picked her up and carried her to bed, ignoring the fact that they were both dripping wet. She wrapped Destiny up in loads of blankets, so that she wouldn't be cold, and left the room. Then she called Angela.

"Hey," Angela said after a couple of rings. "How is she?"

"Wait, is Shannon there?" Katy asked, wanting them both.

"Yeah, she was just about to leave. What's going on?" Angela asked, getting confused.

"Put me on speakerphone," Katy said. Angela quickly did.

"Your on speakerphone," Angela told her.

"Great, I have to tell you both something... Destiny nearly drowned today. She forgot how to swim. I said I would help her, but I let go. It's killing me inside because I promised I would never let her go ever again, but I did and she nearly died because of it..." Katy said, her voice cracking as she spoke. Angela began to speak, but Katy cut her off. "I almost didn't get her up in time, I almost couldn't do it. She has nearly died so many times, but she hasn't. The trauma from the experience did something unbelievable... It brought her memory back," Katy told them both. She finally let herself cry, but she was smiling now. Angela and Shannon were screaming down the phone now. "My baby's got her memory back!"

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT," Angela cried thankfully.

"YES!" Shannon yelled over and over. "YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!" Katy laughed at them both, they were soon joining in.

"Guys, I've got to go. I need to tell Demi," Katy chuckled. "She's asleep right now, but you can see her soon. Bye!" Katy hung up quickly and dialed Demi's number.

"Katy, hey." Demi said, her voice soft. "Is everything okay?" Katy quickly repeated the story to Demi, who screamed so loudly that Katy had to hold the phone away. "DESTINY'S GOT HER MEMORY BACK!" Demi chanted, earning a scream from the other girls. "Can we see her?"

"I just said no to Angela and Shannon," Katy began. Demi quickly cut her off.

"That's not a problem, we'll pick then up. Okay? Good! BYE KATY, SEE YOU IN FIVE!" She cried, not letting Katy get a word in. For a second Katy just stared at a dead line. Then her face broke out into a huge smile. She had Destiny back, all of Destiny. That was all that mattered.

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