Vicky's P.O.V:

I left Dad's hospital room and saw Darren sitting on the same chair since we came here , as he saw me he stood and gave me the 'what now' look. "Hey!" I said simply "Hey yourself!" He said "So, it looks like I have two gay dads and they have been acting and lying to me for my whole life a-a-and the funny thing is that I-i'm not mad or anything I'm actually .. h-happy and I don't even know why" I said to him then broke in loud sobs in his arms. "Hey .. its gonna be ok I promise it will be all right" He whispered while holding me as tight as he can. "My whole life is changing in front of me and I can do nothing about it" I said "You can .. if you don't want to move in with them you don't have to" He said "It will be selfish of me to do that, Dare .. Uncle Pe- I mean papa. He finally got the chance to hear me call him that and you're telling me to not move in with them if I don't want to?! " I said "I just don't want you to be forced on doing anything" He said "I know and thank you" I said "For what?" He asked "For being by my side today and helping me through all of that bullshit" I said "Actually I'm the one who should thank you. It means the world to me that you asked for my help and let me in your life like that so, thank you. I promise you I won't break your trust" He said . All I could think about was kissing him with all my power . "Just don-don't leave me" I said holding on to his neck and resting our foreheads together "I can't and I won't " He promised "I don't wanna go home" I said "Then don't , we can go to my cabinet and spend the night there if you want" He suggested "Can we?" I asked "Of course .. go say bye to your dads and I will wait by the car ok?" He said kissing my forehead and I gave him a nod. 


I entered my dad's room and saw that they both were at the same position . Papa holding dad's hand while next to him on bed with tears of joy in his eyes. "Hi" I said awkwardly "Hey, sweet heart .. c'mere" Papa said "Uumm I wanna ask you something .. would you mind if I spent the night at a friend's house?" I asked and they exchanged looks then looked at me "Just for tonight ?˝ Dad asked and I nodded "I just need some space to clear my thoughts" I said "Sure but just let us know you're safe, ok?" Papa said "Sure I will text you or something .. have a good night" I said then hugged them and left. I walked to the parking lot and found Darren resting his body against the car while playing with his phone "Ready to go?" I said "Sure let's go" He said opening the door for me . The car ride was quiet but not awkward quiet it was peacefully quiet. We stopped just in front of the cabinet and got out , Darren slid the key into the lock and let me in first. "Hungry?" He asked as we sat on the couch "No .. exhausted in every single way" I said "Wanna go to bed?" He asked "Sure .. will you sing to me?" I asked "S-sure .. anything you want , angel" He said as he took my hand and led me to the bed. I took off my jacket and shoes and pulled out my hair tie and crawled into the bed, Darren did the same and slid right by my side "What di you want me to sing?" He asked "I don't know .. anything you sing will be wonderful though" I said closing the distance between us and rested my head in the place between his neck and shoulder and just breathed into him .

 Here I am waiting I'll have to leave soon Why am I holding on? We knew this day would come We knew it all along How did it come so fast?

This is our last night but it's late And I'm trying not to sleep Cause I know, when I wake, I will have to slip away

And when the daylight comes I'll have to go But tonight I'm gonna hold you so close Cause in the daylight we'll be on our own But tonight I need to hold you so close

Oh-whoa, oh-whoa, oh-whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-whoa, oh-whoa, oh-whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

Here I am staring at your perfection In my arms, so beautiful The sky is getting bright, the stars are burning out Somebody slow it down

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