little miss slutting hood

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                    Chapter 1

Platinum blonde hair red eyes and always wearing a red cloak. Kala klark the most popular slut...I mean girl in school. Yes as you could tell me and her are not exactly friends just rivals. The reason we're rivals is because I'm a vampire of a royal class and she's a wanta be. Sorry for my manners my name is Simber, Simber Jenkins. My most beloved friend is luka Trancy she is not what you call popular but she's amazing.

"Sim we don't have much time we need to get to school....we have a new kid. " Despite being a werewolf and all she is my friend. "Find then..." I groaned getting in her sleek black convertible. 

"What's wrong Sim is it kala?"

"No. I just don't understand why I have to go to a human school."

"Simber Faith Jenkins your mother wants you to feel what its like to be human." "I don't wanna" I grumbled as we turned in to makridge high school parking lot. Kala walked towards the car as luka stopped. 

"See you still have your puppy by your side." she smirked "see your still a slut.." I smirked evilly. She growled inhumanly "my brother just came here stay away from him!" she yelled walking to a boy in a black shirt and leather jacket wearing blue jeans.I blushed when he winked and walked off forgetting luka behind. " Simber!" my brother siren yelled. My focus turned to him "over here siren!" I yelled as he walked to me.

"Have you seen kala?"

"Nooo....Don't tell me your still dating that slut." I cried with venom lacing my voice.Siren smiled sheepishly then ran the other direction.

                         chapter 2

Xavier pov

My sister kala was showing me around when a beutiful girl came in view. My mate to be more pacific.Simber was her name.

Me and my sister been walking around for about 20 minutes now. "Kal I'm going to go I'm pretty sure I can find my way around."

"Xavier don't talk to Simber she's not somebody to play with...." Stunned by my sisters words I walk away towards my locker. When I reach my locker I see a make that two walking towards me. The first boy is glaring at me the second looks like a lost puppy my sister got a hold of.

The first boy was wearing jeans and tight fitted shirt and had brown hair with chocolate brown eyes.

The second guy was wearing black denim jeans and a white tight fitted shirt with his whitish blonde hair and blue eyes like simber.

"I'm Seer and this is my idiotic brother Siren...."

"My name is Xavier yall must be Simbers brothers." I state watching them with an intense stare.They nodded there heads 'yes' like no tommorow. I chuckled. "Well boys what can I do for you on this fine day?" They simultaneously responded "nothing." I stared at them in hope they will tell me something. Seer suddenly asked a question which caught me off guard but made me double over in laughter. "oh no will you hide me from your slut of a sister."

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