Chapter 1

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That first week we didn't talk at all. It was Friday and I walked into the class ready to turn in my assignment. 'Mrs. sapakieeeeee how are you doing?' She laughed in response to me holding her name out 'you always bring a smile to my face Christie. I am doing well, thank you.'

Clark ran in, almost late, but that would be nearly impossible. Apart from football Clark is a track star. He is one of the fastest guys in track. But again, he is humble and hates talking about his talent.

He sat down and handed his assignment in. He looked upset. I was about to ask him, but mrs sapakie started class before I could.

When the class ended. Clark grabbed his books, shoved them into his back pack and ran out of the classroom. Christie didn't really think about it. 'Bye mrs sapakie have a great weekend!' 'you to Christie!'

Christie drove home, and started walking toward the door. When she walked inside she could hear her dad. She internally groaned because she could tell he was in a bad mood. She quickly grabbed her notebook and quietly snuck back to her car before her dad could see her.

Christie drove to freestone park. This was her favorite park to go to. There are these picnic tables under some trees. She loves to go and sit there and write in her notebook. She was there for two hours when she heard

'Hey did you follow me here?!' Christie looked up to see a pissed off Clark sumner. 'Excuse me?' Christie asked confused. 'You heard me. Did you follow me here?' Clark looked at Christie waiting for an answer. 'Why would I do that?' Christie just looked at him. 'I have better things to do then to follow you around' Christie snapped back. Clark just looked at her, he wasn't used to people talking to him like that.

Clark ran his hands through his hair, 'i am sorry Christie' Christie just ignored him. 'Look I have been going through a shitty time lately' Christie continued writing in her notebook. 'Are you not going to talk to me?' Christie continued writing while she said 'I have nothing to say to you' Clark sat down across from Christie at the picnic table. 'Can I tell you something?' Clark asked. Christie sighed and closed her notebook. She was still a little pissed at Clark for talking to her like that earlier. She waited until he started talking.

'I am just used to people being around me just because I am a good athlete. I am sick of it. People just follow me and take pictures with me and post them, it's frustrating.' Clark went on for about thirty minutes about everything else in his life. And Christie didn't say anything, she just listened. 'You aren't going to tell anyone what I said here, right?' Clark asked softly. 'Clark I only have three friends who I really hang out with. And one of them I don't tell anything to. You have nothing to worry about. I am a loyal person. I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to okay?' Clark smiled at Christie knowing that she told the truth.

Clark stood up 'thank you Christie. Thanks for listening to me. And I am sorry for being a douche bag earlier. There was no excuse for the way I spoke to you.' Christie just smiled 'of course Clark, I'll see you on Monday ' and she started writing again. Clark smiled as he got in his car and drove home.

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