chapter two

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Around half an hour later we arrived at the gig. We stood in line for a while before I decided to get a coffee from the small cafe near. "Does anyone want one?" I asked, they all said no so I set off alone. It was only around the corner, I was there in less than 5 minutes. "One coffee please?" I ordered. I couldn't understand the workers, and I felt kinda embarrassed. Once my coffee was ready, I walked away with my head down. This wasn't my brightest idea. I walked fast paced back towards the venue when suddenly. Great. I've spilt my coffee on someone. But not just anyone. It was a guy. He was good looking, like reaaaally good looking. I looked up, tomato red faced, and began to panic. "Wow, I'm SO sorry," I repeated over and over. He just giggled, "don't worry about it" . His giggle was that of a small child and his voice was soft. I just stared at him for a second, his ash brown curls were blowing in the wind with his soft hazel eyes glowing in the sunlight. "Wow, you're beautiful" i blurted, totally accidentally. "Wait, what, who said that?" He said, mimicking the expression on my face as he giggled once again. "Let me buy you another coffee," he said "seeing as your original one is now all over my shirt."

 "no, but thank you, i really need to get back to my friends."

 "i better do the same, see ya around," his aussie accent was so cute, the thought of it makes me blush. "see y-" I half-shouted as I bolted back to the girls to them about this really cute australian guy i just kinda fell in love with.

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