The cold wind blew against my face as the dim street lights lined the neighborhood. A drunk girl in a mini dress and 6 inch heels stumbled out of a near by bar. The girl had to be in her twenties and had dirty blonde hair.

I walked over to her and grabbed her. She started to scream ,but I clamped my hand over her mouth. "Please let me go I can give you anything" the girl who's makeup was now rolling down her cheeks.

"There's only one thing I want" I spoke. My voice was husky and deep from the smell of the girls blood.

I let out a snarl as my fangs retreated from my mouth. My eyes popped open which meant they had turned red.

I could feel the poor girls skin shred as I felt her blood pour into my mouth. The girl went limp and I let out a sigh of relief.

"That's what I wanted" my face broke into a crooked grin. I slipped into the night and made my way to her house.

I was across the street from her house on a building. My eyes trailed to a window where a long dark haired girl was looking in front of a mirror.

She had a hair brush in her hand and was moving all over the room. As I tilt my head confused, I tried to figure out what the hell she was doing.

I suddenly laughed as I realized this girl was in a her strange own way, was dancing.

Suddenly the girl turned her head as the door opened. A man who I would assume was her father came into the room.

He was holding a pair of papers as he waved them in her face. The girl who was dancing around the room was gone and was replaced with a girl who was yelling at the man.

The man slammed the door and left. I wondered what had happened. I smacked myself as I realized I was a vampire who could have tapped into my super hearing.

"I am a god damn idiot" I said. I jumped off the building and took a last glance at her house. I mean, Lacey's house.

I strolled down the street and thought about Lacey dancing in her room.

I laughed to myself as I made my way downtown.

I looked forward to seeing her at school tomorrow.

She was special and I hoped to realize why.

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