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((Scarlett's POV))

cc was a tremendous driver. every time we stopped or sped up I was jerked against my seat belt roughly. I looked over at cc who seemed to be having the time of his life driving down the high way. he looked over at me with a huge smile plastered on his face, I looked at him questionably, wondering how he could be so happy while driving like this.

"are we almost there?" I asked before getting pushed into my seatbelt again

"yeah and were even going to be five minutes early"  he said proudly

"wow, five minutes early...damn your a bad ass" I said sarcastically

he just scoffed and continued on driving like a maniac. I rolled my eyes and turned to look out my passenger side window, watching the cars and trucks go by. I guess I was just trying pass time and try and ignore cc driving skills.

we finally got to the studio and cc parked in one of the parking stalls at an awkward angle. I just ignored it and hopped out of the vehicle. we walled side by side up to the front door of the building, I liked the way the building looked, it was simple and not over complicated on the outside. on the inside the hallways, that had multiple doors leading out of it, were painted a bright red and had famous records hanging along it like paintings. cc lead me to a door that said 'recording studio' on the door, he opened it and let me through first. we were the only people in the room at the time, or thats what I thought until I turned my head to the right to see Andy sitting in a comfy looking brown arm chair.

I think you could see the hatred radiating off of Andy the moment he saw cc come up to me and entwine our fingers. for a moment his face showed so sort of emotion but was erased almost instantly.

I let go of cc's hand and took a seat on a couch that matched the arm chair Andy was sitting in.

"hi" I said trying to break the silence

I noticed that Andy had been eyeing cc out of the corner of his eyes.

his eyes turned to me and he replied simply "hi"

I tried smiling at him but I think it turned into a grimace so I looked away from him even though I could still feel his eyes burning into the back of my head.

cc spoke up and asked to no one in particular "where's the guys"

I think he was trying to lighten the mood but obviously it wasn't working because Andy just turned his blazing gaze to cc and isn't reply and just stated at him at pure hatred in his eyes.

oh god...what have I done...they used to be best friends and now I've changed them...I'm going to ruin their friendship...and the band if I keep this up...

the door suddenly opened and Ashley, Jake, and jinxx walked through the door with cheesy grins. Ashley looked over at Andy and his smile quickly faded of this face. he walked over to Andy and put his hand on his shoulder in comfort.

"hey dude...what's wrong?" Ashley asked Andy, looking concerned

Andy looked up at him and sighed "nothing I'm just tired..." he said and quickly glanced over at me.

after that everybody's eyes were on me, as if they new something had happened between Andy and I. I looked down and didn't say anything, I still felt five pairs of eyes boring into my soul.

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