Pokemon Black Crystal Plan

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A/N: if anyone decides to make this fangame... I will love you forever. it's gonna have the structure of both a multiple ending rpg and pokemon game. I can help with design and dialogue... but that's about it. I will be writing a story for the character Anya in this, so if you want to play the game and it ends up not existing you can always read it. Dedicated to tab900 be a use she's awesome. Go talk to her.

Pokemon Black Crystal Storyline: Depending on the three characters you choose, Ira, Anya or Samara, the storyline and starters will change a little. But regardless to which character you pick, you will be sent off with your pokemon and Hybrid, the long-term creation of the bonds of trainers and their pokemon, Alexiel, to research the organization Wendigo. After going through many towns and seeing a cloaked figure numerous times, Alexiel will find a knife and pick it up. After this, you meet the cloaked figure again. He takes his hood off and is revealed to be Anubis, Leader of Wendigo. He takes Alexiel. You find the hideout for Wendigo and notice something strange - all the trainers are Hybrids wearing some sort of metallic head gear. You find Alexiel and he's become hostile, wearing the same thing. He tries to kill you, but you knock off the gear and he tells you the whole ordeal was like a dream or he was looking at someone else's actions. You take Alexiel out of there to see if he knows anything. He hasn't been there long, so he didnt. After reaching the seventh town, Professor Dogwood informs you that he may havw discovered what the Wendigos want: to destroy humans and make Hybrids the ultimate race. After this, you encounter Anubis again, trying to use the Legendary Pokemin, Fidel, to destroy human life. You fight him but fail. Then, if you have a good bond between you and your hybrid, you have a choice Alexiel uses the knife or his pokemon moves.

If you choose Knife, Anubis takes it out of his hand and stabs him. This gives you the true end, where you punch Anubis and shatter the crystal on his cloak, freeing the captured Hybrids that want to return their trainers. They kill him. Then you see your character as a gym leader. A boy approaches you and tells you his name is Alexiel Bonair and that he's going to be the first Hybrid Pokemon Master. You start to cry and think 'Welcome back, Alexiel.' True end: Welcome back.

The Bad End: Demise of Alexiel is the same without the epilogue. It's when you haven't bonded with him enough.

The Good End: Let Them Go is where Alexiel chooses to use his pokemon moves and smashes the black crystal. Anubis is sent to jail, the hybrids return to their masters.

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