Demi my mom???

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Alex's P.O.V

I rush inside not caring for anything, I just wish my baby sister is ok. I see her laying on the hospital bed while crying and screaming. "Anna wake up. Anna ,Anna sweetie wake up." I start shaking her. Just at that moment a doctor comes in quickly and splashes water on her face. She opens her big blue eyes and looks at me. As soon as her mind comes in place she jumps and hugs me. "Oh Anna missed you ." I hug her tight. I can hear her loud sobs mine too. We are both crying so hard. One part of happiness and the other one for sadness. The doctor puts one hand on my shoulder "Are you a family member?" i nod my head. "Im her sister." "May I talk to you?" I nod again. I can't talk right now or else I'll faint right here right now. "Anna hasn't spoken a word since she came here, besides her nightmares. And one more thing There is nobody else to take care of you girls and I'm so sorry but you have to go to an orphanage. We wanted to send Anna but we thought it would be better if we waited for you. And we need to leave right now I'm really sorry." "Ok" is all I manage to say. This was too much information in just a little while. What happened to Anna is all I can think about. Why isn't she talking? What are her nightmares about? "Miss Smith. I talked to one of the orphanages here they are waiting for you. And I made it clear to them that if anyone adopts you they won't separate you both." "Thnx." "You are welcome." I go back into Anna's room. She jumps at me and hugs me tight. She is still crying. "Anna we need to go. Don't worry I'm never gonna leave you again like ever."


"We are here miss Smith." Anna doesn't let go of my hand and I like it I've missed her so much. "Hello girls come in." "Girls this is miss Rosetta you will be safe with her I promise." i take the courage to speak. "I'm Alex and this is Anna. I just turned 16 and she's 4." Miss Rosetta smiles and it kinda makes me feel better. "Here I'll show you your rooms." "Can we be in the same room please." "Yeah sure." I'm never gonna let go of Anna. It looks like the sky is falling on me. I don't have my parents. And Demi's not here with me. OMG demi I haven't talked to her she will be worried like sick. Anyway I'm too far away now she'll never find me. "C'mon Anna let's have a little sleep it's almost midnight." She looks at me worried. She must be suffering more than me now. She was there she was there she saw mom and dad dead. How much does her tiny body hold. "Don't worry for any nightmares. You have me now." she nods and gets in the bed. I get in after her and wrap my hands around her tiny waist and her little hands hold mine.

Demi's P.O.V

We finally arrive in Italy. Harry was sitting right behind me and I could hear him crying. "Harry wake up we're here." "I'm up, I'm up." we walk out and after we have done all the procedures Harry takes out his phone and starts locating Alex's phone. "She's at the hospital. 'Italy's specialized hospital' I think it's the name." "Let's head there here I see a taxi." After we are in Harry starts to explain the driver where we want to go. It's hard when people don't talk English. I start looking out of the window and I'm lost in my thoughts. What is happening to my baby girl. "Hey Demi we're here." Harry says while shaking me lightly. I rush outside while Harry pays. "Ok where now." "it says that she is right in front of us but I can't see her." i look around and see something shining on the ground and pick it up I quickly realize that's Alex's phone. "Harry her phones here but she's not." "Well let's go inside they should know where she is." we go In and I'm totally panicking right now. Where in the world is Alex? these few hours that I've been away from her I've realized that she completes me. She is my other half. Although u haven't spent a lot of time with her she is my whole world. I would give up anything for her.

Alex's P.O.V

I wake up from a knock on the door. It's 2am who in the world would be up right now. i let go of Anna and decide to answer. "Come in." miss Rosetta peaks at the door. "I'm sorry Alex but someone wouldn't let me sleep they wanted to meet you so badly and I couldn't stop them." who wants to meet me? "yeah they can come in." Wait did I say they. Before I can finish questioning myself Harry and Demi show at the door. I jump from happiness and hug them really tight. I give Harry a kiss on the cheek and start crying so do they. Just at that moment Anna wakes up and looks terrified. I go get her and tell her that everything's ok. "This i-is A-Anna." I say between breaths. "She i-is m-my s-sister." "oh Alex please don't cry this breaks my heart." "But Demi I can't it-it just comes to me." "I'll go fix something be right back." Meanwhile me and Harry start talking and Anna gets to know him better. She never let's go of me. "I'm done." Demi says with a smile on her face. She is so bipolar. One time happy the next sad and so on. Anyway she waves a few letters on the air. "Demi what's that?" "You're mine." Did Demi just say that we're hers? "Demi you adopted us?" does this mean that Demi's my mom?

Sorry for the late update. But I'm really busy and I know this chapter is shit. But I wanted to celebrate for 200 readers. Thnx u guys. For any ideas please message me I love y'all 😘😘


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