Chapter 10~

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That night was perfect, no more than perfect ! Nothing can make it better!

Justin: I know this is probably our first date and it won't be the last , but I want to make it really special and unforgettable

Aww :* he said that while taking a long blue box from under the table .... He opened it and my jaw dropped it was a 'J+(your first letter of ur name)4EVeR' necklace , it waS gorgeous

Justin: may I ? *smile*

That smile *.*

I nodded as happy tears were forming in my eyes , trying not to led them run down my cheeks , ruin my makeup haha ! He stood up from his place and came up from behind me as he slowly lifted my hair off of my back and into one side I shivered as I felt his touch on my skin , it was paradise tehe ! He placed it on my neck as I touched it with my bare fingers ! It was diamond REAL diamonds !

Me: its real?

I looked at him in disbelief, he just nodded still standing I looked up at him and smiled!

Me: its gorgeous but... I can't it's too much

Justin: but nothing , that's just a way of saying I love u !

He is AMAZING , I stood up and stared at those beautiful eyes !

Me: thank u so much !

I said as I hugged him ! He hugged back as he began squeezing me

Me: j-justin I -i can't b-re-reath !

He laughed as he let go, he lift my chin up and stared at him and all I could say was

Me: ur amazing !

He just laughed !

Me: what ?

Justin: I was going to say that to YOU

Me: well too late! *wink*

He grabbed my face and kissed me, I felt fireworks ! It felt as I never wanna let go , but I have to breath ! Stupid breathing! When we let go , I looked at him

Me: justin?

Justin: mhmm?

Me: didn't u tell me that u didn't like girls wearing necklaces ?

Justin: well I need some excuse to keep your neck empty, how could I give u a necklace when ur wearing one !

I laughed as I pecked his lips , then after few hours the date was over and justin took me back to my place ! I stood on my front steps , I knocked on the door waiting for my mom to answer, but then justin spinned me around and gave me a goodbye kiss !

Mom: *clear through*

I broke the kiss, blushing looking at justin ! He smiled aS I waved goodbye and then he left as I stood there like a red tomato! My mom just stood there arms crossed with a smirk on my face ! She moved on the side so I could pass I took the offer and headed directly upstairs as I changed into my night PJ and head off to bed exhausted but at the same time couldn't stop smiling from the date ! *smile* *blushed*

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