Oh hey, I'm a llama

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Chapter 12 (I think lawls)

"So, first well teach the terminology-" Liam was cut off by zayn.

"Does she even care? I mean usually the ones who turn their victim have to train them. Unless it was their lunch, but that guy seemed like her teacher."

"Actually he's my boyfriend? I think. Actually I don't think he is. I think I'm single. But anyways no he didn't turn me. It was some of my friends. Actually if they hadn't turned me, I'd be dead right now. Well like dead dead. Not this kind of dead but dead." I said confusing myself.

"Why would you be dead dead?" Louis asked.

"Uhh.. It's a bit of a touchy subject." I dismissed it.

"Got it. So did you see this is us in theaters? It was a hit!" Louis asked.

"Wait how did you know that it was a hit." All of the boys literally face palmed as I asked that.

"Newborns." Harry began to chuckle.

"Hey, it's not my fault." I pouted.

"Stephanie, if you were actually in the movie we would be at some other part right now. Were on set. So that means were traveling as well." Liam explained.

"Thank you for explaining- WHOA!" I screamed as I began to start to fly.

"Why am I flying?" I began to freak out.

"All vampires do this. It's part of growing up. This is obviously the first time levitating so, that means this is your first quarter of being a newborn." Louis explained.

"How do I get down?!" I asked. Did I mention I hate heights? And that I'm getting higher up in the air by the second?

"You wait for like 10 mins." He answered.

"Whoa are you okay? Your turning really pale. Like a bright white snow. That's a bit over vampire standard." Zayn noticed.

"I wanna get down." I mumbled grabbing onto Harry's hair from fright.

"Ouch! Hold onto my hand not my gorgeous locks of dead cells." Harry yelped.

"You know, here I am thinking that it's Zayn who's conceited but nope! It's Harry." I said giggling slightly while grabbing Harry's hand and Niall's as well.

"So tell us about you." Liam suggested.

"Uhhhh.... I like pie, unicorns, tacos, I hate my middle name, I almost fainted when I met Dracula because I was that scared, I almost fainted when I met you guys because you know, your just too fab, uh I hate tomatoes, i had a older brother and sister, I'm allergic to cherries, I love vanilla anything, and I'm afraid of heights." I finished.

"Have you recited that before? It's like you knew what to say." Niall asked.

"No it was just the first things that came to mind when I looked around the room." I shrugged. Just as I said that I was dropped back to gravity. Luckily, Harry and niall grabbed me before I could fall to the ground.

"Wanna go out to eat with us?" Liam asked.

"Sure. Uhh... Harry, niall? Would you mind setting me down?" They looked over at each other with a smirk. Whenever jake does that... It's not good. Wait! I can read minds! DUH! Okay concentrate. Focus. Soft kitty, warm kitty little ball of fur! Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purrr purrr purrr. THATS NOT CONCENTRATING STEPHANIE! Wow I'm a moron. I herd some chuckles and I looked around at all of them.

"We all have the power to block mind listenings. But we can listen to your mind when doing so. We all have our specialties buuuuuut we all have that power." Zayn explained.

"That's not fair! I don't want you listening to my thoughts!" I pouted.

"Hey, it comes natural. It's who ever we're focused on." Harry said.

"Harry, niall, put me down. Please?" I begged.

"Fine." They groaned and set me down.

"So where to eat?" I asked.

"Since we are in the UK, I think we should go to Nandos." Niall said.

"WHOA IVE NEVER BEEN TO THE UK!" I said all on a wow factor. Yeah that made no sense.

"We should give her the full UK experience." Louis suggested.

"Of corse!" They all cheered in unison. That's a bit creepy...

We headed off into the sunset and got to Nandos quite quickly. What if I were a baby shark? I wonder it I would be like. Hmm...

"Wanna know?" Zayn asked excited.

"You can shape shift people?!" I said wowed. Again.

"And myself. Would you like to be a baby shark?" He asked.

"No I'd rather be a llama with a hat."

"Well here you go." He said. He did some weird hand motion and poof! I looked down and I was indeed a llama.


(Translation: WHOA I'M A LLAMA)

"With a hat!" Liam added.

"*llama noise llama noise*"

(Translation: what kind of hat?)

︎"it's a purple beanie." Niall informed.

"Now let's get some food because I am hungry!"

"*Llama noise llama noise*"

(Translation: Can you turn me back? I wanna keep the beanie though.)


"That was pretty cool." I admitted.

"Let's go get some food now!" I said excited to try the "oh so famous" Nandos.

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