As I get done with the  papers I see the old lady with some keys in her hands, she hands them to me  and says, "hey, so this is the key, you can close up, just check all the rooms and then lock it. Oh and we open the doors at 6:00 a.m. so the cleaners can clean" she chuckles after she said that. 

"Okay I will, bye" I say pulling my wheelchair out to go check the rooms. After I do that I go to the front doors, go out and lock it. I put the keys into my pocket and start to wheel down the street. I put my head phones on and set Pandora on to shufle and head home.

~At Home~

I pull my head phones off and I change into some sweats and a tanktop and go to bed.


I wake up, in my own bed? uhhh?

I look around and don't see my wheel chair. I try to move my legs, and they MOVE!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh, I am not paralyzed I get up and run down stairs. I see my mom "MOM!" I yell with excitement, "what useless piece of junk" wow that hurt. I look up to my mom and see dad coming up behind my mom.

"Ohh look, she's up, ugg. Hunny, why can't we just leave her?" 'dad' says to 'mom'

"We did. Linzy we hate you, you are useless. that's why we left you WE HATE YOU!!" she yells at me.


I shot up in bed sweating, crying. I put my head into my hands. I grab the phone and go to sleep listing to 'Strong' by One Direction.




I wake up to my alarm clock. "ugg" I moan as I turn off my alarm clock. I maneuver into my wheelchair. I pull out a skirt and a blouse. I wheel myself into the bathroom and  I shower I have a special chair thing that is meant for paralyzed people. I shower and then get dressed. I straighten  my hair and put on a little makeup.

I pull myself out of the bathroom and put some flats on. I grab my purse, the keys to my new job, and my phone. I put the One Direction phone case on my phone, and head out just in time. 

I finely reach my work and unlock the doors. I look up to see 5 guys running from... what? girls, wait, 5 guys. I look closely and I see one with a black quiff in his hair, another with curly brown hair, a blonde, and two brown, I-Its One Direction. They get closer and they see my head since I am in the building. I motion for them to come in. Wait I don't want them to see me in my wheelchair.

I wheel to the desk in ligtneing speed. As soon as I pull up to the desk, I hear the door slam and five guys  up at me.

"H-hi m-my n-n-na-me i-is L-Liam" Liam says panting, he bends over putting his hands on his knees.

I chuckle, trying not to freak out.

"i'm Zay." "I'm Niall" Niall butts in. I laugh. "Well I am Zayn, this is Harry, and Louis" Zayn says, gesturing towards the others. I just nod.

I turn on my computer. I look at the 4 piles of paper on the desk. I sigh and open one of the folders. I start typeing. I feel 5 pairs of eyes burning into me. I turn my head to see all of them looking at me, "like what you see?" I ask. They all look at anything but me. I look at Niall blushing and looking towards the ground. I wonder what that is about.

"So you work here now, cuz I have never seen you."  Harry says walking up to me winking.

"Oh, I just started working yesterday" I say still working.


"Niall we are going to go and get some food..." Lou yell's.

"FOOOOOOOODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell coming down the stairs earning some chuckles from the boys.

We get in the car and head to McDonald's. As we reach there We hear some screams. We go to get back in the van and there are girls already there. Great! Note the sarcasm.

"RUN!!" we all yell at the same time. And we run. We run for about 10 minutes tired as Hell, I want to stop until I see a girl's head looking at us. I see her hand gesturing us to come in. I was the first one in. As I get in I see a wheel right behind the desk as she moves into the desk. I wonder. Never mind.

"H-hi m-my n-n-na-me i-is L-Liam" Liam says panting, he bends over putting his hands on his knees.

She chuckles, wow she is very beautiful.

"I'm zay." "I'm Niall" I butt in. She laughs, her laugh is nothing like I have ever heard, it is so beautiful "Well, I am Zayn, this is Harry, and Louis" Zayn says. and she nods. 

I wonder if she knows me, ha even if she did she wouldn't like me. Probably Harry. I hear Harry whisper to Zayn 'wow she is hot' I want to slap him so hard, she is not hot, she is beautiful. I stare at her, she will never like me. she will probably go to Harry then he will break her heart because off our tour.

"Like what you see?" she says. I look down to the floor knowing that I am blushing.

"So you work here, cuz I have never seen you."  Harry says walking up to her knowing he winked or something. 

"Oh, I just started working yesterday" she said typing something on the computer.


 "Hey I am taller"  Lou yells.

"No I am" harry yells how did 5 minutes of talking on my phone to Kim get into this?

"Hey uh I don't know your name" Harry says

" Linzy "

"Okay Linzy, stand up and lets see who is the tallest" Harry says

I freeze, stand, but I can't I don't want them to feel bad for me. And I don't wanna just say no. What do I say?

"Uhh I need to work and I have a lot t-to day" just great Linzy.

"Ohh come on Linzy pleeeeeeeeeease" Lou says.

"I can't" I say in truth

"Oh come on, you are gitting up even if i have to do it myself" Lou says

My eyes widen

"No, no, no, I mean I can't do it."

Okay, that's it." Lou starts to come towards me.

Okay I have to tell him.

I pull out of the desk, and wheel myself around and let myself be seen.

"See, I can't do it I am paralyzed, I didn't want to tell you because  know how people look at me, with pity, and I hate that. I don't like people to be sad for me, it's not right." I say/yell. I let a few tears fall before I am full on crying.

I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around me. I cry into his chest, I need someone. I have been strong for two months. 10 minutes later He lets go of me to say something I look into his blue eyes. Niall. He is speechless, looking into my eyes.

"Well, I got to get back to work." I say wheeling myself back.

"Okay, and I am going to stay here with you" Niall says.

"You don't..."

"I know but I want to" Niall says interrupting me. I smile at him. and he smiles back.


Hinzy (Harry and Linzy)


Ninzy (Niall and Linzy)

I think that Ninzy is cuter. 


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