An Unlikely Suprise

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                                                                           Jacky's p.o.v.

We were all sitting around base. It was on off day. The time passed as we watched movies or played games or just chilled. Parker sat in his chair all day with that same look on his face like he was pissed off or something. Cody was next to me reading a book with his dreamy eyes. He looked to me and blew a quick kiss when no one was looking. Johnson was in the middle of the room playing Black Ops. Will was beside him cussing at the screen. Hugh was cleaning his gun. It was just a chill day.

This day went on for a few more hours, then everyone went to bed. I scanned the halls to make sure they were clear.

"Whiskey!", I whispered loudly.

Cody's door opened and he ran to my room. I closed the door quietly to avoid any loud, anxious slams. We both laughed like little kids sneaking cookies from a jar.

"So, what do you want to do tonight?" I ask as he leans in to kiss me.

This little routine has been going on for weeks. We had known eachother for years and the romance has been alive since the day we met. After four years, when we were finally put on a team together, oh my god. It was the closest I had ever been with him. 

"Well, we can watch a movie and cuddle, or we can listen to some music and cuddle. Or we can read and cuddle. Did I mention cuddle?"

"Let's watch a movie" I respond.

"Aaaaaaand?" he questions jokingly.

"And cuddle you loser" I smile and laugh as he gives me that winning smile. Just as I'm about to lean in and kiss him, we heard a knock on the door. Oh shit! 

"Room check! Open the door." we hear Parker shout.

What the fuck?! Why is he checking rooms?! 

Cody jumped out the window and closed it behind himself. I ran to the door and opened it slowly. I pretended to yawn and rubbed my eyes. Parker looked angry and as I looked down the hall, I saw everyone else with the same look as me. Everyone except Cody ofcourse. I just hoped that he got back before Parker noticed. 

"Yes sir?" I yawned as he barged into my room

"I'm checking everyone's room to make sure that no suspicious activity is going on. So how are you tonight Jacky? Everything ok?"

"Yea I'm fine. So why the sudden check? Did something happen?" I asked trying to avoid any suspicion.

"I was informed that when we left Ukraine, one of Trovsky's memory cards containing the names of thousands of Russian targets went missing. So I'm checking my guys to make sure none of us took it. Just to give Trovsky some closure. Now, you don't mind if I check your room do you?"

"Go ahead" I said.

At this point I wasn't even worried about Cody because I knew this room check had nothing to do with us. He started searching my room and for about ten minutes, I just stood there waiting for him to finish his inspection. When he was finally finished, he turned around and looked at me.

"Alright, your room is fine. Thank you for your cooperation. Have a nice night." Parker said as he exited my room.  Then I watched him as he walked over to Cody's room and knocked on the door. Oh no. 

"Room check! Open the door!" Parker shouted. No response.

"I said, room check! Open the door!" No response.

"Cody, you have till I count to three to open this door! One! Two! Three!" As the door swung open and Parker went falling forward in an attempt to tackle the door open. He collapsed ontop of Cody. 

"Why didn't you open the door when I told you to Cody!" Parker barked as he stood back up. 

"I'm sorry Sir. I was in the bathroom, handling some business. You kinda caught me off guard." Cody said with an embarrased look on his face.

"I apologize soldier. Do you mind if I check your room? The Ukranian's are missing an important piece of info and I told them I would check my guys. May I?" Parker asked. 

The last thing I saw was Parker going into Cody's room before I closed my door and went to bed. I knew that there wasn't going to be anything happening tonight. I lay in bed and kinda got mad at Parker for cock blocking me. As I closed my eyes, I dreamt of Cody's face as I drifted off into sleep.

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