Chapter 23: I'm coming home

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Chapter 23: I'm coming home


I wake up to Becky slightly snoring and my arms around her waist.

I can't let her leave to that little man whore!

Can I make her fall in love with me?

Will it work?

It's worth a try, right?

I pull her close to me so our bodies are touching.

I start to give her little kisses on her neck.

She starts to giggle.

"Stop... That tickles." She said

The opens her eyes and close, attempting to go back to sleep.

I kiss along her neck until I reach a spot that makes her squirm.


What is he doing?

He reaches my sweet spot which caused me to squirm.

"Hmm... Stop it, John!" I complain half asleep

"Then wake up!" He said

Ohhh! He was just trying to wake me up!

Oh ok...

But I don't feel like getting up. It's like 3 am... Or 3 pm... Still, I'm tired.


I make it seem like she needs to wake up.

But this is all part of my plan.

I kiss her sweet spot again. Then I slightly lick it.

"What the hell are you doing?" She asked sleepily

I could hear her fall back asleep soon after.

I nibble on the spot, giving her a very small hickey.

"What the fuck, John?" She asked jumping up.

"Are you up?" I asked

"Yup! And I'm leaving too." She said harshly.


I run to the bathroom to look at the mark John gave me. Doesn't look bad. A lie and makeup could cover it up.

He's lucky it isn't that noticeable, otherwise I would of gave him a mark on his face. With my fist.

I grab my clothes, my purse, and my keys.

I head for the front door.

"Wait!" John yelled. "Come back, babe." He said

Babe? Hahaha-no bitch.

"I'm not your 'babe' John!" I reply harshly

"Why not?" He asked


His face dropped and he spoke quietly.

"Were? We, were, best friends?" He asked.

"Yes. Now we are just... Nothing. Goodbye, John." I said walking out the door.

With that I storm out of his house and go to my car.

I decide to call Zach to tell him I'm coming.


"Hi Zach."

"Becky! I missed you so much."

"I'm coming home."

"I know this is a weird question... But why?"

"I'm coming home because I love you."

"I love you more."

"I'm coming home to a boyfriend who cheated... I love you more. TOP THAT BITCH!"

"Hahaha. Well I have a surprise for you."

"Cool. See ya in twenty minutes."


"Oh yeah, and umm..."

"What is it?"

"I got a small hickey from John. It's not what you think, I shared a bed and he woke me up like that. I thought he was gay but I guess not... I'm sorry."

"I forgive you. And can I tell you something?"

"Ugh... Sure?!"

"I didn't lose my... My umm... 'V-card' to Mollie. I wasn't that drunk so technically it wasn't real sex. And I'm saving myself until marriage."

"Well that's nice to hear."

"So, Becky?"


"Wanna have a lazy day tomorrow?"

"Of corse."

We babble on until I reach the house.

"Oh I'm home!"

"I'm waiting!"

We end the call and I get out the car. I lock my car and get out the keys for my house. I open the door to see a beautiful candle-lit dinner.

There was rose petals all over the carpet and the whole house smelt like cinnamon. The whole house was dark and the only light was the scented candle.

I felt a warm pair of arms wrap around my face and a shower of kisses on my cheek.

"You're welcome." He said.

"Haha thanks, honey." I said giving him a short kiss.


"Never gets old." He said

"Neither does Peter Pan. We should watch some." I said

"Whatever you want." He said

This is perfect! Peter Pan and my boyfriend with rose pedals and a vanilla scented house.

The things mistakes can lead up to...


HEY BESTIES! Sorry for the late update. :( But here is a movie suggestion if you are a dog lover. "My Dog Skip" is so good. BTW YOU WILL CRY! But anyways... Thanks 4 reading! Hope you liked it! And remember... Pugs not drugs! <3

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