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Right now - one direction ))

My mother yelled at me the second I got back from being with Michael . She says she knows for a fact that I won't be with Michael forever so I made a huge mistake inking my body with something that represents him. I wish I could tell her that she's wrong . Things are going great with him right now, more than great but it doesn't mean I'm sure I'll last forever with him . It's right now that I care about , always have cared about .

"He doesn't even care about what's going to happen to you Kelsi why are you wasting your time ?" My mother sounds seriously concerned about this but I don't want to here it .

"Mom ! Enough ! I am with him weather you like it or not ! And I'm going to be with him for as long as he and I want ok ? Now stop this 'he's a bad boy' act is getting old " I snapped , before Michael I never talked to my mom like this . Now this is a constant issue In the relationship with my mom . "Kelsi don't you understand he is not healthy for you ! Look at yourself ! You're lucky you have this week break , people will hate that hideous new tattoo ! Your fans wouldn't approve !"

"At least they want me to be happy unlike you ! And what do you mean look at me I'm fine!" she really hurt me then . People who support me 100% support me . They are happy that I am finally happy . My mom sighs and looks me dead in the eyes "Look at your hair , the way you dress , your makeup , your ridiculous tattoos I don't even know who you are anymore ! " I want her to continue but I know I have to speak up for her to do just that . "Mom I'm still me I just have a color or three in my ha-"

"It's not that ! He changed you for the worst . No scratch that , you changed for him and he didn't even have to ask you to . You're a completely different person for him and he hasn't noticed , what does that tell you ?" For the first time , she actually kind of made sense . I did change a lot but not because of Michael's influence , because I wanted to . "I'm going with him , I have a break and I - I just need to be away from you . Maybe his flight hasn't left but ." I don't even bother finishing my sentence , she doesn't care , but she also knows she can't do anything to change my mind either, I've always been stubborn .

I leave the lounge and head towards my bunk where all my clothes are . I pack whatever I can grab and say bye to Noemi . She probably heard all of that but she's still pretending to sleep . Maybe I should bring her with me, she needs Luke more than anything right now and I'm already headed that way

"Noemi ! Pack your stuff , we're going on a little trip." At first she gave me a confused look but followed orders . She was yawning and didn't ask me any questions , I guess she knows my intentions here . "Ready?" I ask when she zips up her bag . Noemi nods and out the bus we go . I drove Michael's rental car to the airport .Unfortunately I was wrong and yes , his plane left a long time ago . The woman gives me a funny look when I quickly ask for two tickets to Dublin , where the boys are headed .

"Is there any particular reason we're doing this ?" Noemi whispers as the woman behind the desk starts typing things in her computer . "I need to be away from my mom and I can't keep having two day visits with Michael , and you need to see Luke I know you do." Noemi looks up at the mention of his name , You can see her longing for him in her eyes and I know I'm making the right decision bringing her with me . It's a win win.

"Your mom is going to fucking kill us , you know that right ?" Noemi said . "It's worth it ." I grab our tickets from the woman and head to our terminal . Luckily enough , the next flight out to Dublin is in 30 minutes , we made it just in time . I need reassurance , that's why I'm going .

I need to know if Michael likes the me that I created in my head for him to like , or the me that he first met. I'm hoping I'm still the same girl but what happened with Vic is - let's not go there . Michael didn't turn me into anything I did this all on my own . I was letting go of I don't even know what when I dyed my hair and so what if I dress a little edgier than before . My style changes all the time ! I haven't changed I'm still me , right ?

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