Chapter 16: Emotions only seem to get in the way.

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"Oi! Your the kind of smart punk I despise the most!" Cat boy shouted, and reached out for the wrapped object on his back, placing it right in front of him.

Sasuke pushed me behind his back, standing in front of me protectively.

"Oi! You aren't thinking of using crow, are you?!" Blonde yelled.

Cat boy ignored her pleas and continued glaring at us. I sensed a huge chakra source up in a tree, but no one was there...yet..

"Kankuro, stop that.." A deep demanding voice commanded.


"your an embarrassment to our village.." A deep, commanding voice stated.

My gaze snapped to the chakra I had sensed in the tree earlier. It was a boy who looked to be the same age as us. He had red hair and stunning sea foam green eyes, I was captivated by his eyes. They held so many emotions, pain, hatred, betrayal and....loneliness. I frowned knowing that he held all his emotions in, all bottled up.

"Why do you think we came al the way here to the Leaf Village?' He asked sharply.

Kankuro started to sweat rapidly and stuck his hands out in front of him, waving them slightly. "P-Please listen to me, Gaara. T-They lashed out first.." He lied.

I narrowed my eyes as he lied to this person Gaara, who seemed like he didn't care for his excuse. I glanced at all three of their headbands. Sand Village. Hm, so they must be teammates, but why is cat boy so afraid of Gaara..?

"shut up," Gaara snapped. "I'll kill you.." He finished with a glare to cat boy.

Cat boy backed up, "U-Understood..I was wrong. I-I'm sorry.." He apologized quickly.

Gaara ignored him and faced us, I stared at him intensely. He stared back.

"I'm sorry about that..." Gaara apologized while looking me straight in the eye.

I frowned and shook my head. We caused to much trouble over a mall accident which Pinky cause, I thought with a slight gare that disappeared right away. I glanced at Gaara from behind Sasuke and smiled at him, Gaara froze and observed me with a shocked look. I waved and this caught Sasuke's attention, Sasuke turned and grabbed my hand placing it back at my side. I glared and he glared back. Gaara disappeared in a swirl of sand, only to appear next to his teammates. My eyes stared in awe, he teleported with sand!

He faced his team and said, "let's go! We didn't come here to play around."

Cat boy nodded, "I know.." and started to walk away with Gaara and blonde.

I started to head back home till Pinky stopped to start another conversation..

"Hold up!" Sakura yelled.

"what is it?" Blonde answered with annoyance in her tone.

"Judging from your headbands, you're ninja from the sand village, right? Without question, the land of fire and the land of wind are allied nations." She pointed out with that brain of hers. "State your purpose!"

I groaned and faceplamed. Didn't they teach the genin around here about the chunin exams? I swear, most genin these days are clueless- except for me and Sanji.

Blonde turned around and faced us with a sigh, "you are really clueless, huh. Don't you know anything about it?" She asked. "My permit.." She said and showed us her permit, which clearly showed she was allowed to be here. "As you say, we are sand village genin from the land of wind. We came to this village to take the chunin exam." She explained thoroughly.

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