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Blake: *watches him *

Alex: *sits with Blake on his bed, he reaches into a box and pulls out a photo album*

Blake: *looks down at the photos *

Alex: *points to the picture of a kid with blond hair* that's me.....

Blake: *nods and bites his lip *

Alex: *Bites his lip* I was thirteen when I last saw my family..... * pulls out a business magazine* My mom and dad were very rich people, they owned almost everything that makes money with in this city..... It's almost like they ruled the place.

Blake: *frowns * what happened ?

Alex: When I was eleven I came out to them as gay. They didn't like that..... So when I was turning twelve I announced to my family that I had a girlfriend, Cris..... They were so happy, their son wasn't gay. So she came over an hour later for my birthday. Now. I've never been attracted women really, but when Cris walked in I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. She was in this really nice sun dress, her hair pulled back and braided.

Blake: *kisses his cheek * Lexie you don't have to be um shall we say interested in someone like that to realise they're attractive

Alex: *Frowns a little looking at a picture of him and Cris* Ya know, Cris wasn't nervous of her scars until that night..... My grandparents loved her, they enjoyed talking to her in Turkish cause they did some business there back in the eighties. My little sister loved her braids and dress. But, my mom and dad hated how she looked. They poked at her scars wanting to know about them but at the time her mother hadn't told her about the fishing pole accident..... She was about to cry when I told my mom and dad to knock it off. My grandpa looked at my dad and said he was appalled at how he treated a guest at my birthday.

Blake: *sighs * go on ........

Alex: *Looks at a picture* My grandpa and grandma took me to drop off Cris. I walked Cris up to her door, met her mom and dad and at the end of the night me and Cris shared our first kiss. My grandpa and grandma took me home. For the next to year my mom and dad tried to get me to break up with Cris. I told them no and screamed that I loved her. The next day.....

Blake: *rubs his back * that's understandable you care about her Lexie

Alex: *Sighs* The next day my mom and dad wanted to take me out specifically to apologize for how they acted. They had everything planned and paid off. We were driving to my favourite restaurant when we were hit by a big rig.....

Blake: *watches him * oh Lexie .........

Alex: They knew exactly how to hit us so I'd fly out the window.....

Blake: *just looks at him *

Alex: *Begins to cry* I went flying into a ditch covered in mud from the rain of that night, they didn't find a body so they assumed I was dead... A week and a half later I was starving and ended up climbing out of the ditch, I was skin and bones and the mud had stained my hair brown... I found this newspaper on the ground and was filled with rage..... *shows Blake the paper that had an obituary for a "Richard Connelly Junior"*

Blake: *rubs his back * oh sweetie

Alex: *Tears* I ran straight to Cris's house and snuck into her room.

Blake: *wipes his tears * ssh take your time

Alex: *takes a deep breath* Cris was sobbing saying she went to my funeral..... My parents staged and faked my death.....

Blake: *kisses his cheek * that's horrible Lexie

Alex: That's why I started Banshee..... My parents were so concerned about their money and fame, that they were willing to kill their own son.....

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