love and lies (roc royal love story )

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hi I am yn ( your name )I live in cali I go to high school my parents are nicki minaj & kid ink I am 16 yrs old and I have a boyfriend his name is roc we've been together for 3 yrs and I have two best friends jazmine and kerrie we been friends since diaper dayz      :-) lol


      at jazzy house

yn: wassup.

roc : hey erey.body


jaz: hey

prince: hey yall

yn: so are u guys going out tonight ,?

jaz :  hell yea I.need a day from.the house

prince : no.

yn: why a bitch ?

roc: (laughing )

jaz: damn bae whats wrong ?

prince:  nun

yn : nigga u better tell me

prince : ok damn it I.just dont

jaz: hey ya"ll just go wit ok


yn &roc : ok bye

( you &roc leave )

roc: where u want to go

(you and roc left your house)

    @the karaoke bar

roc : do u want to sing a duet ?

yn : yea

you two picked a song turn up the love by far east movment

yn : u sure u want to do this

roc : yes ;)

yn : we are one tonight and we're breathing in the same air so turn up the love turn up the love we're turnin up the love

roc: get get it poppin hot tomle dirty bass we so body body super quick cant quit the party  super freaks no illuminati so one two hit the booz we on youtube nun to lose so let it luse cause the sheep dont sleep loke wha pa pa pop turnt up you dont hear me doe here some love for your stareo so clap yo hands clap yo hands go t nun but love to give turnt up u dont hear me doe hear some love for yo stero so clap yo hands clap yo hands like wha pa pa pop

yn : we are one tonight and we're breathing in the same air so turn up the love turn up the love we're turnin up love

roc: turn me on like this yo song dirty bass got love to give mad monoply all night long dirty bass got love to give let me see that grill from ear to ear so much love in the atmosphere the good  times roll wit me right here

crowed: screaming like cra cra

yn:we did great

     (you and roc leave the bar )

yn:so what u want to ?

roc : lazer tag

you : yasssss boo

roc: ok ratchet

yn : nigga i know u aint talkin


as u and roc enter the lazer tag place u if someone watchin you

kerrie : my nigga



kerrie:what u donin out here who dis ?

yn: dis is my boyfriend roc kerrie who u here wit ?

kerrie: my boyfriend ray ray

ray: hey

roc: my nigga ray wassup bro

ray: wassup bro what u been doin

roc: nun

yn:aye me and kerrie bout to go get  some pizza I ll see yall

(you and kerrie go to the pizza stand )

yn: can I get a large peperoni and cheese

cashier: that will be  16 $ and 34cents

(u hands the clerck the money )

as u and kerrie walk back she starts to ask u werid questions about your relationship with roc but u knew she was tryin some thing

yn: just bein curious why are u askin me these questions like forrel what going on cause I think u tryin something

kerrie:I aint tryin to pull nun I was just askin cause if he hurt my bestie its going down im yellin timber lol

yn: girl u are a trip hahaha

kerrie : aye im serious

yn: yea yea whats up wit u and ray ?

kerrie: last week when I was coming back from work I heard moaning and groaning  commin from upstaris

yn: what else girl this is some juicy stuff

kerrie:ok so when i walked in I seen ray and someother girl havin sex in my house my room my bed I was so damn mad I was pissed tf off

yn: damn nigga

kerrie: I know aye have u talked to Jasmine

yn: yea they where gon come wit us but prince was being a bitch and didnt want to so first we went to a karaoke bar it was #TURTUP  

then we came here

when you and kerrie got back to the table roc and ray went to go get the stuff for yall to play lazer tag

roc: ok everything is set up for lazer tag

when u and roc kerrie and ray went to play it was boys aginst girls


you: ha I won yassss (starts twerking )then starts doing the #naenae lol

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