His delicate skin

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Eden's pov.

His still body laid itself on the floor,designing my marble floor with its pearly white features, along with the red that poured itself slowly over his face, right where i struck him.

I didn't mean to hurt him, but just to see him so confident to get away from me made my heart ache in a pain; a pain much greater then ive encountered in my lifetime.

i slowly grazed my hand over the damp hair that was placed above his wound,parting it to the side with my fingers. My eyes couldnt help themselves from staring at his face, seeing his angel like glow compliment his sleeping face.

What beauty it was. he himself shined, gleaming from the light of the room. his purity was the only thing i wanted safe, just to have him smile at me like he did every other day, only relying on me ...for support... and nobody else!

I felt the feeling of being alone run through me, making my eyes tear from the denial i had for doing all of this. i slowly wrapped my hands around his body as i slowly pulled his body towards mine, feeling his slight breaths and shivers.

I wiped the blood that was dripping slowly from the side of his face and i couldnt help but smile. i promised myself that i would do everything i could to make sure ichi was mine, even if it meant killing a few people.

seth's face suddenly appeared through my mind and i felt a growl form from my neck, and i felt my anger flow in buckets. he was the only one getting in the way of ichi becoming mine..

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