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  It is said by the moon goddess that there will be a female wolf who is abused and hurt her whole life. To be the first to go were cat as well as werewolf when she finds her mate.


  I feel a hard pillow under me and push away hearing a growl and is pulled closer. I open my eyes and jump out of the bed to the other side of the room in fear that I had given my virginity to a random wolf. "Princess" he cooks. I relax against the wall and he chuckles as I slide to the floor.

   "You know I want to mark you Cassie." he says gently getting out of bed and picking me up and pressing me against the wall with his chest against mine. I smirk "What so funny?" he asks.

    "The fact that your stalking me."

     "How am I stalking you?"he says looking hurt.

    "How do you know my name?"

     "I have my connections" he say leaning into my neck sucking the gap in my shoulder and sinking in his teeth. I feel a pain and try pushing him away hearing him growl against my skin. He pulls away his eyes black with lust. "Can I be alone for a little bit" I ask shocked. He has a look of hurt but leaves anyway.

      I am suddenly tired and fall on my bed and sleep. I awake at around one p.m. my body feels as if it's shifting for the first time and I scream in pain.

   Cassie what's wrong I hear Ryan's voice in my head and heavy foot falls down the hall. I scream louder as I fall on my hands and knees. Alpha Ryan bursts through the door running to my side. His yellow eyes filled with concern. I feel my body's bones breaking and reforming like my wolf did but this hurts more. I suddenly feel dizzy and the last thing I hear is the door swing open and a word that starts with an R. Then I black out.


Hey guys I'm updating another chapter today so I hope you like this one.

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