"Liv I'm going to go to the bathroom okay?" Emily said. "Ok Emily." I replied sitting down in my seat. I needed a second to ask what just happened. Did I really get noticed? "Hi, are you Emily?" I looked up. And seen Bridget Mendler standing right in front of me. "Uh...No. I'm Her Friend.." I said. "Do you have a name?" She asked. "Oh I'm Olivia." I said pulling out my phone to Text Emily.


Hey hurry back.



I'm two rows away


"Hi I'm Emily!" Emily said causing me to jump and land in the row behind. "You OK?" Bridget said. "Yeah, Emily I'm gonna book us a room at a hotel. Ok?" I said. "K liv" she said. I headed out of The Fox Theatre. And walked to the first hotel I saw. I went inside and to the front desk.

"Good Evening Ma'am. Welcome to Ford Hotel. How may I help you?" A black haired woman said. "Uh..I'd like to book a room for The night please for 2." I said. "Name?" "Olivia Fredrick." "I'm sorry we only have one room left with a king sized bed. And is next door to a boy and a band. Is that ok?" "That's fine how much?" "$238.78 please" I handed her the money,I get it from the army, and she handed me the key card."Room 758" She said. "Thank you."I said and left the hotel to go back to the Fox. I went to the Concert hall and back to Emily.

"No way!" Bridget said. "What?" I asked. "Emily here lives in my childhood home." "Cool. Hey Emily we should get to the Hotel." I said. "Well Bridget I don't know why I didn't like you. Your actually quite a nice person. We should hang out sometime." Emily said. "Definitely!" Bridget said. "You have my number?" Emily said. "Yep. And you have mine?" Bridget asked. "Yep. Well we should go. Bye Bridget. You should come to my graduation tomorrow." Emily said. "The school still does that whole summer as winter thing?" Bridget asked. "Yep. Well bye." Emily said and hugged her. And me and Emily led the Fox Theatre an headed to Ford Hotel which now had a big group of girls outside.

"Why all the girls?" I asked. "Probably some famous person." Emily replied as we ran through the crowd. I got to the door and turned and Emily was on the ground. "Go on with out me!" She yelled. "NEVER!" I said running back to Emily and grabbing her and we ran all the way into the Hotel, and shut the doors. "That. Was." "Scary." Emily said finishing my sentence. "Come on Emily." I said. We went into the elevator. 2 other people were on the elevator.

"So Olivia." Emily said turning her flip back on. "Yes Miss Emily?" I said. "First of all," she turned the flip towards her, "HAPPY WANTED WEDNESDAY YOUTUBE!," She turned it towards me. "As I was saying, how did you enjoy this evenings events?" "Well Emily. I OBVIOUSLY enjoyed Austin Mahone. I mean he a hottie!" I said with jazz hands. "And what about the boy band The Wanted?" "Uhm... Well I quite liked their song...uh....the one that went...When the daylights fading we gonna play in the dark till it's golden again. And now it feels so amazing can't see it coming and well never grow old again...that one was the best song. It sounds like they vampires and they must feed on the blood of the innocent." I said.

Emily put her hand on my shoulder. "You are one evil little girl...I have taught you the ways of Emily. Now who was your favourite member?" She asked. "I liked the shaven headed boy. I think I seen him when you bought me the Austin Mahone shirt. He looked at me. I looked at him. It was like a movie." "That's enough questions. MUSICAL NUMBER TIME!!!" Emily said and started bursting into song.

"Ha ha ha whoa

oh oh oh oh

it's always a good time

whoa oh oh oh oh

it's always a good time" me and Emily sang in unison.

"Woke up on the right side of the bed.

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