Part 33

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You backed away a bit.

"W-what do you mean Meadow?" You asked. She looked at her sword and then back at you. "Long ago year 214 A.C seven girls where born, seven girls with extraordinary abilities. One with the ability to see the future, one with the ability to creat anything with metal and any element, one who can change into anything she wanted, one with the ability to change weather an climate, one with the ability to change the way people live, one with the power to creat dreams, and the last one the abilities of almost a goddess.

"One day the girl with the ability to see the future warned her sisters that there will be a war that is prevented by ones jealousy, the girl with the dream abilities laughed and the one almost of a goddess was concerned, and with that she left, thinking the person who her sister was saying was her," Meadow took a shaky breath and continued, "a month later, the girl was captured by a cruel man, who used his son to make her trust him and his son, the girl died by what they have done, they gods she believed saw what was happening, they demanded the man to give her live and freedom, the man accepted but with only one thing, to give him their blood, with out hesitation bit Egyptian and Greek gods and goddesses gave him the amount he needed.

With that the man went to work, mixing the girls blood with far more than just the gods and goddesses blood, he mist monster and creature blood, gave her abilities of her sisters, abilities that can't be forgotten; speed, strength, everything, once he was finished he injected a fluid that was evil, a fluid that was called BlackRose, the girl awoke but she wasn't the same, she was different, she was a monster, once she was set free she killed, killed more than anyone could have imagine, the gods soon stopped her by creating a special bracelet only she could wear, the girl became herself again, but her sisters have already seen what she had caused, the sister with the ability to make dreams sent a dream to her sister, she told her to never come back for she was a monster, but in reality she envied the sister." Meadow stopped and looked at you. "My sister excited me out of my home, she wanted to be better than me, this caused my parents, the gods, to declare war on her, and since my family was big they thought they where ready...they where wrong...

Almost 1/3 of moonlights died, my sister didn't care until I came in, when they where fighting my mother, the Greek goddess Athena, told me to make three chaos emeralds, one for law, one for order, and one for life, I did, as soon as I finished the third emerald I was dying, I used to much that it was going to cause my death, but the emeralds gave me something that saved me, immortality, and the protector of the master emerald of the universe, Sakura, the emerald of all, I gain beauty and power.

Once the gods saw this they stopped fighting, but my sister was enraged, she was filled with hatred and jealousy that she challenged me into a dual, winner get what the loser loved, my sister was her sword Kekero, mine was the emeralds, I won the challenge and gain Kekero, but my sister still wanted revenge for taking her place she vowed to kill anyone I loved, I didn't have anyone until professor Gerland took my blood and made Shadow, Shadow was the only one that I knew was family," A tear went down her cheek.

"But what happened to your sister?" You asked. "She still wants to kill me and the people I love today, but this guild is what is preventing her to do it, I made this guild but my mother and fathers made the spells to prevent any intruders." She said lightly. You thought for a moment. "Wait I'm a intruder I don't have the symbol." You said at her.

She chuckled. "No your not look at you shoulder blade." You went to the mirror and took off your shirt. There was the same emblem Meadow had but it was (F/C). You looked at Meadow in shock and she just looked at you sadly.

"Your telling me my house exploding wasn't because of bombs it was your sister trying to kill me."

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