Acknowledgements (Author's Note)

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Hey guys, LimeLion here.

Time for another author's note!

I wrote this at school cause I missed the bus, so I was sitting in parent drop-off, and... yeah.

Well, this is for acknowledgments...

Um, I suppose I'll just acknowledge some people and books that inspire me? I don't know, I'm not good at this stuff.

•First off, thanks to the following lions/friends/others that have helped inspire and help me write!

PossiblyAwesome- thanks for inspiring me to write. Your stories and attitude towards writing inspire me so much, you don't understand!

•G1immerGir1- Thanks for being such an inspiring writer and friend. You have helped me come up with ideas for books, and I can't thank you enough for everything.

•OliviaLovesSnow- Thanks so much for being such a talented writer, as well as an inspiration to me, along with 7,000+ others! Your books are literally perfection, and I hope someday I can get to have a friendly conversation with you, my friend xD.

•Brainy_ac_5- Thank you so much, Neryece, for being an AMAZING friend and fellow writer! I know I'll probably never meet you in person, and I've only known you for around two months, but I feel like I have known you so much longer than that! You're so supportive and caring towards others, I hope you can reach your goals of reads someday ^D^.

•Purplepandagamer- I know we don't talk as much as I might prefer, but you're about as great as friendly people get. I hope I can get to know you better sometime, as much as I know your character, Winta! She has become a staple character in the story, and it's amazing how far we've all come.

Demon_Kitten- Thanks for being such a stunning author and friend! I know you think of yourself as a fan, but I think of you as much more than that. You're a great friend, and even though you sorta fangirled when I followed you, it was just a little act of kindness for someone that deserved it!

•Thanks to all of you, my wonderful little lions!

Okay, I think that's all...

Baiii all my little lions!

Join da pride today!

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