Plane ride

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Me and justina got sets next to each other and a weird person next to justina she asleep on my shoulder.

~A few hours later~

"Mama could you pleas wake up and put your seat belts on were gonna land" the lady said

We did as as we were told we got off the air plane got a taxi head to our hotel and we showed up.

Me and justina got out bunch of girls in front of out HOTLE we wonder why.

We walk in and get to the desk.

"Hi reversation for the walkers" I said

"Ahh yes the walkers room 305 a" he said

"Hi reversation for the janoskians" tall tan guy said

"OMG gabby that's James" justina said

"Oh janoskians 306 b" the man said

I spun around and landed some one.

"OMG I am so sorry" I said

"It's fine beautiful" he said winking at me with his emerald eyes.

"I'm beau and you are" beau said

"I'm gabby nice too meet you I have to get to my room" I said

"What room are you in" he ask.

"305 a" I said

"OMG were 306 a we should talk" he said


We got into the elevator. "Oh yeah you ow me $20" she said

"What no i don't that wast one of the was it" I said

"Yeah that's beau brooks the oldest brook brother like your the oldest walker sister

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