It chapter1

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     I am related to "It"  you maybe wondering who or what "It" is but I can't tell you just yet. (Are you afraid yet are you dreadfully afraid of me.) The city has become more populated with more electric people the year is 4024 June 5. It was almost time for the shooting to begin. Shooting class I have been in it sense 2nd grade and I am now a freshmen in high school. next year I will be a sophomore the only thing in the way of it is ''Summer break'' or well it used to be called that now it is more like a war time for everyone. "Everyone get the fuck down now and put your hands on your heads," someone yelled disrupting my day dreaming. Cole. He is very special to me we have been shooting since the beginning he has been on suicide watch 8 times in the past year and he has finally snapped.

      "Cole, you don't have to do this just put the gun down," I said boldly standing reaching out to my friend.

        "Why, so everyone can keep on tormenting me! I don't think so," he said pointing the gun at Mrs. Clare.

         "Cole stop! The only way you can get through this is if we do together," I said but it was to late he shot the young teacher in her head. She was standing a couple of seconds as blood rush down her white skin then she fell. Behind her was a red drawing of blood.

          "Your next for getting in the way so many times in the past. You stupid bitch die Maria!'' Cole said pulling the trigger at my left shoulder.

          "You missed Cole. How come it has to come to this? We have been friends for the longest time, and this is how you thank me by shooting me?" I said reaching for the gun I had strapped to my leg under me skirt. Feeling if it was loaded I pulled it out and started to cry as I aimed it at my friends heart. "I am sorry Cole that It has to come to this but you are endangering everyone here in the class and the school," I said pulling the trigger to the gun. I watched my friend fall to the floor. I sat next to him putting his head on my lap. Tears rushed down my face and onto his. People in the class began to get up and see what was going on. Some of them were crying and some were in shock after the turning of all the events that had unfolded in front of them. " Cole when you are reborn we shall fall in love again ok? Sorry it had to turn out this way but it was for the best," I said as he closed his eyes showing me that this is the end of a old start and this is the beginning of a new start. I felt very faint from the loss of blood. Blacking out on the floor next to the one you love.

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