Chapter 5.

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I might delete this story as no one's reading it. I might leave it up but not continue or just delete it as a whole. Any feedback is appreciated as I really need to know if people are reading this or not.

Anyway, there isn't really a certain road this chapters supposed to go down so I'll make it up as I write so I apolagise in the before hand.

Harry's POV:

I was hurting him. The look on his face had faltered. He took in everything that I had said, maybe he's finally realised.
Maybe, he finally realised what a mess I really am. Or how disgustingly fat I am, or how I'm a monster to the human eye.

I led the way to the confrence room, suddenly being the only one with confidence.
My pace picked up when I heard slight sniffles from behind me. An emotional Louis was never good. As soon as his eyes started to rim with tears you'd instantly feel the need to comfort him. The sniffling didn't stop so I never turned round to check on him. I was only a few steps away from the door when Louis grabbed my hand,
"We're going to talk after this." he whispered. His voice was croaking meaning he was holding back tears. 

I shrugged my shoulders in response and walked out of his grip and knocked on the door. I heard a faint 'come in' and opened the door, gesturing for Louis to walk in. He mumbled a quiet thank you and walked in. I followed closing the door behind me for the sake of Louis' privacy.

"Welcome boys, how nice to see you again. Now, we've heard there's been some issues with Eleanor, is that correct?" Gordan, one of the most important people who work for Management questioned. 
The table was long and slim. On each side it had six seats. On the side Management sat four of them were taken, they all sat close together whereas me and Louis were doing the opposite. Inbetween us was a chair, not much of a gap but considering Louis had gestured for me to sit next to him and I chose to differ made it feel like the space was impossibly big.

"Yes. The fans aren't exactly being polite towards her and It's upsetting the both of us." Louis replies, still sniffling. At this moment in time I'm not sure as to whether he's still crying about our conversation earlier or the fact that his girlfriends upset.
I decide to agree with the latter option, after all, he loves her.

"Okay, okay. And why would you be here Harry? Finally come to your senses?" Gordan snickers. I feel myself pail and become incredibly dull. It was like everything else in the room was blurred other than Gordans horrid smirk.
He was the one who was trying to convince me gay wasn't good enough. He was the one who made me so fucking bad.

"What does he mean, Harry?" Louis whispered, trying not to let Management hear but failing.
"What? Hasn't Harry told you? Oh Louis, you're in for a treat!" Kate, the female squealed. 

"Shut the fuck up. You're not the only one who can expose secrets." I growl at the group of four as their eyesbrows raise.
"But Harry, Louis' your best friend. Doesn't he deserve to know about your illness'? Especially your litte lo-"
I cut them off before they could continue "Those were confidentially fucking meetings which I'd rather not attend. You promised you wouldn't tell anyone." I have no idea what I can say to persuade them not to tell Louis. If he found out he'd hate me, not that I can blame him.

I look over at Louis, he's been awfully quiet this whole time. He resembles a wandering puppy. He's completley bewildered to this whole argument. We came here for him, not me.

"Harry, Louis is your best friend after all. That's all he'll ever b-" I cut them off once again
"We came here for Louis. Not me." I growled. The group of four smirk, knowing they've touched a nerve.
"Of course, how inconsiderate of us. Now, Louis. Care to ellaborate on the whole Eleanor situation?" Ben asks, another one of the important roles in Modest!.

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