Chapter 9~

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justin entered my house, i searched for a vase to put the flowers in, they smelled amazing, then i went and closed all the blind folds cz the paparaazy were still out waiting for us to do something so it can be  cover in the magazines! but i couldnt think of that after what justin did! i cuddled next to justin, as he put his arm around me and put my head on his chest

me: thank u for what u did :) and most of all for being here for me *smiles*

justin: well what kind of friend or boyfriend will i be if i didnt stick out for my girl

i blushed as he said 'my girl', it felt amazing to be in his arms right now! i smiled, i grabbed the remote next to me and opened the tv , to find me? all over the news! me and niall kissing, oh oh ! i quickly stood up from between justin's arms and stared at the tv blankly!

me: i swear justin ! he kissed mee

justin was sitting there staring at the tv !

justin: a-are y-you kidding me?

me: justin please look at me

he turned his face slowly

me: look first we werent a thing and second when he kissed me i let go cz all i was thinking about was u, i didnt have any feelings for niall i swear i just met him

justin: um i gotta go

i stood up quickly and blocked the door

me: justin u have to believe me, he just offered me a drink and i took it! it was nothing, we were like friends ntil he kissed me so i just let go i didnt kiss back, please believe me !

a tear rolled down my face! i looked on the ground, this was the first time i ever cry for a boy, then i smiled when justin put his hand on my chin and lifted my head up, he removed the tear with his thumb

justin: *wisper* i believe u, now i NEVER wanna see u cry

i smiled and thats when justin crashed his lips into mine, and that my friend is a real kiss, after that i hugged him, then we went again to the couch and saw a pic of me and JUSTIN this time

me: now that i meant it ! with all my heart

he smiled and kissed my forhead ! i layed on his chest while listening to the news

'international popstar justin bieber just found singing on the front porch of a girl his unrealeast yet song [as long as you love me] and he even asked her to be his girlfriend the girl was like speechless and obvoiusly been charmed by justin's well everything, she accepted and they were spotted kissing with the bouquet of flowers that he gave her, isnt he a gentlement? well u doesnt want to be with justin drew bieber? he is every girl's teenage dream as katy perry once said abput him, so thats all we have for today thank u for watching see u next week'

i smiled at every word , i cant believe this is happening! loving life here already! i looked up to find justin already looking at me with a smile on his face he k=leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips!

justin: so what do u wanna do tody?

me: anything ud like! i just want to spend it with u

he just smiled! then his phone rang


j: hey


j: seriously/ now?


j: it cant wait?


j: commonn

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