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storm POV:

after driving home I called Hailey and she said she was in town so I asked if she wanted to hang out she said sure. I told her my address and she said the band will be there. as I hung up Preston came running through the door he looked around frantically and saw me he ran up to me and hugged me I laughed and said "what's wrong?" he looked at me and said " I have something to ask you " he looked nervous I nodded and he said "willyougooutwithme?" he said it fast but not fastest enough so I couldn't hear him I smiled and was about to say my answer when the door bell rang I sighed and answered it, it was Hailey she sqeualed and hugged me I laughed and hugged her back. I lead her and the band into my living room where a nervous Preston was sitting I was about to answer his question again wheny phone rang I answered it with out checking the caller I'd I said "hello?" I heard a scream and then someone spoke " hi storm you know your friend lavender well I have her and her mate " I growled and said "why?what do you want?" he laughed I could tell it was a he by the deepness in his voice he said"its very simple I want a trade then for you, you have three days to decided good luck" after he said that he hung up. it hit me with shock that I dropped my phone then I dropped to my knees I howled a broken howl and hinder the brokenness was pure anger it was a fake howl for whoever has them to know. I stood up and walked to my room grabbed my laptop and walked back downstairs and sat on a couch. I looked up the code I had for lavenders tracking device which I had  her wear in a toe ring so no one saw it. your wondering how I got her to wear it well the first time we got kidnapped.when we got free I made one.I guess I forgot til now. she was in a warehouse on the coast. I got up and looked around I turn to Hailey and said "I'm sorry I can't hang today I have something bug I gotta do " she nodded and  I turned to leave the room I walked downstairs and changed into an all black leather body suit. I put my katana on my back and kodachi on my back to. I then put a couple knives on my hips and in my boots and then my two 1911 on my hips and I left. from down stairs. I walked upstairs and to the front door. I got on my motorcycle and speed to the warehouse when I was outside of the warehouse I pulled out mg phone and the person o called answered "if I don't come back the anwser was yes" before they could speak I hung up and got off my bike it turned into a ring. I pulled out my katana and stabbed to of the gaurds. I then ran inside and saw them tied up I was about to  walk toward them when a bunch of goones came at me I pulled out my 1911's, and started shooting when I ran out of bullets I pulled threw my guns in the air and pulled our another clip of aimoand my guns landed on them automaticly giving them aimo I started shooting again then there were no more goones. I ran up to them and cut them free I then teleported them to my living room. I heard a chilling laugh I put my katana in front of me and got into a fighting stance I said "show yourself" 5hey did because soon I saw a shadow and in the shadow I saw Jackson I wasn't surprised that much I then threw a knife at him and it hit his shoulder and left him stcuk in the wall. I then light his body on fire fro. head to toe so. there was a pail of Ashe on the ground and my knife along with it I picked my knife up and walks dout i threw my ring off and into the air my bike appear with a purple glow around it I drove back to my house and ran inside I put my weapons away and ran into the living room I saw Preston and he looked at me and ran up to me I laughed and said "can you put me down" he laughed and said "what I can't pick up my girlfriend " yes he was the one I called and said yes to we spent the rest of the day talking and hanging out with the gang

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