Chapter 14

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This takes place in iquit icarly! I love that movie and it has a lot to have tension about. I thought I could fit some seddie in it, so I was all like: Hey, why not! So here it is. Don't forget to vote, comment and keep open minded. Thanks, bye.

"I'm not getting off until you get off!" Carly declared. Sam narrowed her eyes, "It was my idea!" She stepped closer to her friend and sighed. "Well I live here. I have more privilege than you'll ever get!" Carly announced. "Well I actually called the guy who owns this and I- oh, jeesh!" Sam nearly fell out of the ramp.

"Guys, this is crazy! Get back up here! Sam, you nearly died!" Freddie explained. "No way I'm gon-aaahh!" Carly nearly fell out of the ramp. "Press the read thingy!" She shouted. Sam pressed the button multiple times and gasped when she noticed nothing was happening.

"Carly, I bet you don't know chiz about this. It's not- CARLY!" Carly went sliding down the ramp. "H-h-help!!!!" Carly screamed. "Ummm....I-uh-but-ugh, ok. Mama's comin' but you owe me a tubba chicken." Sam informed. She slid down to Carly's level and tried to heave her up.

"Hey, I saw what happened down there!" Spencer said whilst running over to the window. "Hey, actually, I saw it!" Gibby informed. Spencer nudged him and they took a glimpse at the two girls. "Sam, what are you doing? You can get killed! Come up and I'll get Carly..."Spencer yelled. Sam simply shook her head. She didn't have much of a choice anyway. If she let go of Carly, she'd fall with Carly. It was a do-or-die situation and Sam wasn't taking chances.

She finally managed to heave up Carly, but Sam came plummeting down when Spencer dropped a rope on her. "SSAAMM!!!!!"Freddie yelled. He felt as if he was going to have a heart attack. Never in his life had he experienced this kind of situation in his life and he wasn't handling it very well.

Sam sank down to the bottom and was at the verge of dying. She only had three fingers on the bar and her other arm was being tugged by Carly. "Sam, hold on... please." Carly felt a tear fall down from her face. Usually, it wasn't a big of a deal to lift up Sam, but since all that pressure was on her, it was hard to keep her grip with her sweaty hands. "Come on, come on, come on, come on..." Carly pleaded.

She wrapped her leg around one bar and left the other attached to a bar. She had tied her shoelace onto it and was quite proud of her quick thinking. "Um, Carly. Can you hurry up with this? Sam's on the could be dying!" Freddie exclaimed. "I'm trying..." Carly winced. "Well you're not trying that hard!" Gibby yelled. Carly couldn't glare at him because she had her eyes focused on her best friend.

"Sam, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have underestimated you and told you that you're useless to icarly.... I was just upset and I thought I was right. You are the best person on Icarly. You're funny, pretty, honest and have sympathy... sometimes." Sam hadn't heard Carly little speech because she had passed out two minutes after she was dangling from the ramp.

"Sam?" Carly called out. Sam, obviously, didn't answer and left Carly feeling uneasy.

"What'd going on down there?" Fleck asked. "I don't know. Sam isn't responding to me..." Carly answered. She let tears run down her cheeks. "I'll call the ambulance..." Spencer pulled out his phone and called for the ambulance. "Sam, even if you can't hear me, just know that I'm sorry, Kay." She heaved her friend up and wrapped the rope around her and her best friend. She entangled her shoelace and let the boys heave them up.

She let Sam rest on her shoulder, since she could only reach up to there. "S-s-Sam's down..." She cried. The boys rushed to aid their friend and shakes her continuously. "The doctor will be here in about three minutes, Kay." She pulled his sister's best friend onto his lap and stared at her. So did the others.

"I can't believe it. This is all my fault..." Carly sobbed. "No, it's not..." Freddie rubbed her back. "No it it. Sam did actually ask to be up there and Carly was the one who decided to hit the button." Dave pointed out. Fleck and Gibby nodded. "We are trying to comfortably friend." Freddie reminded.


After 2 hours of dating at the hospital, the gang, without Fleck and Dave l, were making their way out of the hospital drive way. Sam was at the back with Freddie and Gibby. She was resting her head on the window and was trying her best not to puke. Gibby was on his phone playing Brain Crush and Freddie, who was still traumatized after the whole incident, was in the middle thinking, thinking about what happened earlier.

Carly was at the front with her brother. Carly was busy updating her splash page and Spencer, well Spencer was just driving.

The kids decided to go to their favourite pie place. They all ordered coconut cream pies, apart from Spencer who had said he was on a strict diet. "Oh, come on Spencer. Take a bite out of my pie."Gibby chuckled. "No, I'm on a-fine, but only because you told me too."He took two spoonfuls of Gibby's pie and washed it down with a can of peppy cola.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves but Sam and Carly. Sam hadn't eaten at least half of her portion and neither had Carly. They just stared at it, sipped a bit of their drinks and often glimpsed at each other. Sam had only said two sentences since they left, like: "Cool" or "fine", but she didn't have an enthusiastic kick to it. Nobody had tried to lift her spirit once she woke up because they knew she didn't want it.

Carly had tried to lift Freddie's hopes, though. He just stared at the girl as she layed down on the bed. He said he was ok when she asked, but he knew he wasn't.

"Hey, do you guys want to watch a movie after?" Spencer asked sheepishly. "Actually, I want to go home..." Sam responded, "Yeah, my mum is probably wondering where on earth I am. I better go home before she starts searching on that world wide chip thing..." He got up and walked out. Sam slowly picked up her things and walked out.

The rain fell down and left them standing quite alone. "Hey, Sam... are you ok?" Freddie asked after they were out of site. Sam didn't nod, nor shake her head. "Sam, please answer me..." He walked closer to his friend and showed a small smile. "I feel-I feel awful." Sam hid her tears with her hair. Her face wasn't visible to Freddie so he found an opportunity to wipe her hair to the side.

"Sam, you dint have to cry. Carly did apologize to you. She said how she was wrong and she said that you're the most funniest person on Icarly... your beautiful, funny and honest. She said all those things..." Sam looked at him in the eyes.

"You know, when you fell. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest." She wiped a tear from her eye. "Really?" Freddie smiled, "Yep, I was more scared about you falling than Carly." Sam blushed. "You-you mean it?" She asked. Freddie replied by placing his lips onto hers.

He kissed her gently and wrapped his arms around her. He rushed his fingers through her hair and chuckled as kids looked at them weirdly.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do that." He smiled breathlessly. Sam replied with a passionate kiss. Leaving them kissing in the rain.

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