Chapter 2.

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The next morning I woke up at 7.30 am. I quickly showered and changed into some comfy clothes. I went downstairs to grab some breakfast. When I came downstairs I saw drew already at the dining table. "Hey. Already up?" I asked. My brother was never this early.

"Yes, I kinda have to get a suit because i forgot to buy one. But don't tell mom and dad." He said. "I won't. But maybe you can borrow a suit from Chad. I think you guys have the same size of clothes." Drew nodded. "You know that armani suit that Chad wore a few events ago? You can wear that one." I said while taking out my phone to text Chad. [Hey, can Drew borrow your armani suit you wore a few events ago?] 

After a few seconds i already got a text back. [Sure, I'll come over in a bit.] "You have a suit." I said to Drew while eating my breakfast. After i ate my breakfast I walked over to the kitchen to put my bowl in the dishwasher. At that moment my mom walked in the kitchen. "Nikita can you help to organize everything for the party?" She asked me. "Sure. When do I have to start?" My mom answered "If you can right now please." 

After a few hours I was finally done with my part of organizing the event and I went up to my room. Allison and Chad were already in my room. It was 3 hours before the party would start so we were changing. Chad had seen my and allison in our underwear loads of times. So we feel comfortable changing around each other. 

I would be doing me and allison's make-up and hair. I first did allisons make-up. I gave her a nude tint so her dress and red hair would stand out. And Allison doesn't really like the heavy make-up look. Then I did her hair. I straightened it and put it in a smooth ponytail. After I was done with her hair she changed into her dress.

I sat down at my make-up mirror and made a line with eyeliner on my eye. Then I just put on some mascara. I put on a pink lipstick and a light blush. Then I curled just the end of my hair. Then I also changed into my dress.

2 hours had gone by when we finished getting ready. My mom called Allison and Chad downstairs because they had to do something for the music people. I had an hour left before the party started so I sat behind my laptop and started to write an article about my dress. I made some pictures of me in the dress and then my mom called my through the intercom to come outside because the party was about to start so I got up from my seat and got downstairs.

When I came outside there were already a lot of people. I went and searched for my friends. I came across Jenny and Lucy Kender, the famous sisters who seem to have every spotlight on them wherever they go. I've known them for a long time and I find them quite nice so I said hello to them and we began talking. After a short time of talking I said to them "It was nice to talk to you two again but I have to go." Jenny said "It was indeed nice to talk with you again." and Lucy said "We should be doing something soon." And then I left off to find my friends again.

After a few minutes I found Chad and Allison talking with my dad. "Hey Nikita, you, Allison and Chad should pose for some pictures for the magazines." My dad said and walked away. "Well let's go." Chad said. We all are not that much of a fan of posing for pictures for magazines and the paparazzi.

After a few minutes of "look right here, over your shoulder" "Two cameras to the right" etc. we walked away to a table next to the pool. "Hey Nikita, i want to introduce you to someone." I heard my brother say behind me. I turned around to face my brother. "This is Alex, Alex this is Nikita." I looked to the person next to Drew. My mouth fell open but I closed it immediately. "Hi nice to meet you." I said to him and shaked his hand. OMG it's Alex freakin' sexy Mannet. This must be drews plan to get me a famous boyfriend. And I think he overheard me and Allison talking about Alex. Alex is a very famous actor and model as well as my brother. 

I heard Allison sigh behind me. "Well we will leave you two alone so you can get to know each other." Chad said. He must have known about the plan. "Ehm.. Sure." I blushed. They all walked away and Alex looked at me with a smile on his face.

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