Better the façade ends now

  Everything after that moment is perfect.

  Except for the family meeting we have in the living room. Our parents are sitting rather far from each other and they talk to us about relationships and what they mean.  Kian is sitting next to me and I can feel him softly massaging my hand and tugging on my fingers.

  At the end of their speech Kian sighs “can you just get to the point…”

 “We’re not dating anymore” his mom says

  My dad shrugs almost sadly “we aren’t sure our relationship is…what we both want”

  “You two were a concern, but something happened and you’ve been getting along better than ever, we don’t want you to think that it’s anything you did because your behavior is perfect” Kian’s mom assures

 “Everything carries on the same way it has and we don’t want you to be shocked if we start seeing other people. I’m sure it seems weird but honestly, we’re just friends and we’re fine with seeing other people if you guys are comfortable with it”

  Kian has this weird look on his face “so, you two are just friends?”

  Kian’s mom smiles “nothing more than friends” she says

  I feel myself tense, “wait, does this mean Kian and his mom are moving out?” I ask my dad

  My dad looks at Kian’s mom, “Hannah, do you want to move out?”

  Kian leans up really fast “no!”

  His mom looks shocked and she shrugs “why don’t we just see how things work out”

  “Or…” Kian says “…we can stay, I mean, Chase and I have been getting along and I really like this house, why make everything complicated mom”

  Kian’s mom gives me a funny look, I can see her subtly looking at the way I’m leaning against Kian

  My dad smiles a little “I’m alright with it if you are”

  Sleeping arrangements are discussed and the house isn’t really a make believe ‘family’ but just people who get along under the same roof

  Honestly, we were never a family, better the façade ends now then later

  Kian and I are dismissed and we migrate upstairs to his room where he pulls me onto his bed and tells me how scared he was that he might have to move out

   It’s silent from then on and I can hear my thoughts almost more clearly than ever. Our parents aren’t dating anymore, they never exchanged ‘I love you’ so it doesn’t really seem like a big deal. As Kian plays with a stray strand of my hair I feel myself relax and let out a breath of cool air “so, what happens now” I ask Kian

  He sits up a little “I actually have no idea”

  More silence.

  Our parents have been dating for three months and I’m glad they finally realized it wasn’t going to work. I’m gladder my dad never proposed. They were in a ‘serious’ relationship and for a while it seemed like they were playing house or something, and maybe that’s why they wanted Kian and I to act like siblings

  It was just never there though

  I’ve known Kian for three months, he never was my brother and he never will be

  When I turn to look at Kian he seems to be in his own little world. He looks at me, and then he sighs “take that sweater off, you’re probably burning up”. Kian moves a little closer to me, his hands are gently tugging the sweater over my head. I raise my arms up and when the sweater is off I feel his hands on my sides as he pulls me under the covers “it looks better” he says referring to my wrist

  “Yeah, I’ve been putting vitamin E on it”

  “And your back?” he asks

  I shrug “it feels fine”

  “I’m such a bastard”

  I run my hand through Kian’s hair “you’ve apologized too many times, it’s getting old”

  He’s leans on his elbow; his weight is partially on me and I although my eyes are elsewhere I can feel him looking at me

  “This’ll probably sound corny as fuck…but I’ll never be able to say sorry enough”

  When I turn to face him his eyes keep looking at my lips. He moves in, I feel his lips brush against mine ever so slightly and when I thinks he’s going to kiss me he just sits up real fast and clears his throat “my bad” he says

  “You were going to kiss me, why didn’t you? Does my breath smell bad?” I cup a hand to my mouth and try in vain to smell my own breath

  Is my mint addiction failing me…?

  Kian chuckles “your breath smells fine Chase”

  I’m trying not to make things awkward but I’m starting to feel offended “then why?”

  Kian lies back down and he moves around a little until he gets comfortable, he reaches over and turns the light off. It’s dark now, and I’m glad because I would hate for Kian to see the look I’m giving him right now

  “So you aren’t going to say anything?”

  I feel his hand wrap around me in the dark and I feel his warmth against my back. He’s still silent and it’s pissing me off

   “Kian seriously, say something”

  I hear him sigh, “go to sleep, -there, I said something”

  “You’re ridiculous” and that’s the last thing I say for the rest of the night

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