Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


Today is Friday and I had just returned from a long day at work and as I went to open the door I heard this deep Australian voice coming up behind me as I turned around I saw this tall boy with blonde hair and a lip piercing he was quite sexy if you ask me, "What's your name if you don't mind me asking" he said in his accent "Tell me yours and I will tell you mine". "Luke, Luke Hemmings" was all I heard as I went to open the door to my house "Violet Stephens" I said as we walked into my house and sat on the couch.

"Want any thing to drink coffee, coke ,water" I asked him

"Water will be fine" said Luke. As I poured the water into the cups my phone rang, so I checked it and I had got a text message from my friend Ari it said "When are you coming over?!" I didn't have time for Ari today so I just ignored her text. So I get the two cups of water and walk to

the couch.

So what are you doing here" I said asking Luke a question "Eh I just moved here from Australia 2 days ago, and I'm just trying to get out of the house and get away from all that unpacking" said Luke In his sexy accent. "Yeah, so where is your house" I said curiously "Actually we are neighbors cause the people that lived inside the house beside you sold it to my family and now we live there" he said "So I'm going to be seeing a lot more of you aren't I" I said laughing a little bit.

"Speaking of seeing me more would you like to go to dinner with me tomorrow"? he asked sounding shy as he was making his way toward the front door "Yes I would love too what time" I said sounding excited "Is 4:00 good for you"? he said also sounding excited "Yes 4:00 is great and thanks for stopping by, See you tomorrow"! I said laughing.


So how did y'all like it?! I hope it was good and I promise the other chapters will be a whole lot longer :)

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