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I had only been watching Hetalia for a couple of weeks, but I was obsessed. I had watched every single episode of Axis Powers, World Series, and Beautiful World. My favorite character had to be Iggy. He was just so freaking handsome! One night, I was baking some cupcakes for dessert. They were chocolate chip with chocolate frosting. (I'm a choco-holic) While the cupcakes were in the oven, I went upstairs and into my room to change into my Hetalia pajamas. Which had the axis and allies members on the shirt and the logo on the pants. After that, I got the cupcakes out of the oven and frosted them. "Mom, Dad, Kally," I called, "Come out here the cupcakes are done!"

Faint footsteps sounded from upstairs. Soon enough, my four year old sister Kally came down, with Dad in toe. She hurried onto her chair, brown pigtails waving wildly. Dad laughed a little and then got her a cupcake with lots of frosting and sat down with her. Eventually, Mom came down too, and we all ate the cupcakes together.


It was 11:00 p.m. and sleep was calling to me, so I brushed my teeth and did my other bathroom duties before slipping into my bed. But I didn't go to sleep. Not yet. Instead, I looked at my ceiling and thought about the past nights. Lately I had been having weird dreams. They were vivid dreams where I knew I was asleep and yet I couldn't control it like people described you could. Instead, each night a new person from, oddly enough, Hetalia appeared. They were always kind of hazy and foggy, but they were there and they always motioned to me as if I should follow them, but when I did, they disappeared and I woke up. So far I had seen Canada, Japan, Germany, and China. They were always short dreams, but they seemed to take up the entire night. As sleep began to take hold of me, I wondered who I would see tonight.

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