Okay guys,

So I've read through all the submissions for the one shot contest and may I say, though there were few of them, they were really good. since there where four entries, that is what your will be ranked out of.

So without further a do, in 4th place is Becky_Horanx. I really liked your story Becky, But there were some spelling and grammatical mistakes. Other then that, I loved it. Great work hun!

In 3rd place is stopthefeels37. I liked yours a lot. honestly i do. But unfortunately there where a lot of details that didn't really go with the story. but that aside, perfect.

In 2nd place is Stephanie5sos. Gurllll I really really REALLY liked your story. It was cute and adorable. Just also the same thing as stopthefeels37, just a few things that didn't really go with the story.

And at last, the moment you have ll been waiting for....

In first place, is fluffyirwin!!!!! Congrats bae, I really really enjoyed it! I love your style of writing, and everything flowed with the story properly.

So fluffyirwin dm me so we can talk about how you want your character to be :)

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