The End! (Author's Note)

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Hey guys, LimeLion here.

Wow, just...

Hope you have some tissues near you.

I can't believe the second book is over!

It went by so fast...

Maybe that's because it had 18 less chapters then the last book....


I don't know what to say...

Um, special thanks to all of you for supporting me through all of this, and for getting so into the story!

You all made this series possible, each and every one of you.

Also, I can't believe this book is already at 12k reads! Hopefully it can someday get to 30k like the first book. Which by the way, amazes me as well. 32 and 12k?

Lots of love.

Well, onto the next author's note.

Baiii all my little lions!

Join da pride today!

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