(Kayla's POV)

I stood in my dressing room at the altar with Pattie and Penn. Pattie was working on my dress and Penn, my hair.

Im so nervous for today. Words cannot describe how nervous I am right now. I wonder what Justin's doing?

"Oh God Kayla, you look so beautiful!" Pattie said with tears in her eyes. "I'm so happy for you both." She sniffed and I hugged her.

"Thank you Pattie. For everything. Everything from the day I met you all. I'm so glad you're my new family now." I told her.

She smiled and said, "well I should go check on Justin now." I nodded.

"So Penn. What do you think?" I asked twirling slowly.

"Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous!" She said smiling. "I've missed you."

"I missed you too. I'm so glad you could make it today. On my wedding day." I smiled widely and hugged her.

"Okay, now we have to do your makeup."

(Justin's POV)

I sat in my dressing room fixing my suit and nervously going over my vows. I sat down and out my shoes on when I heard the door open. It was mom.

I smiled. "Hey mom."

"Hey sweetie. I can't believe you're getting married! And I'm so happy it's to Kayla!"

"Awh mom, don't go all mushy on me." I laughed and stood up to hug her.

The door opened again and Chaz poked his head in telling me to get out there.

It's time.

(Kayla's POV)

I stood next to Jeremy, our arms linked ready to walk down the aisle.

"Thank you for doing this for me, Jeremy." I told him.

He looked at me and smiled. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

I smiled and the music started. I gripped his arm and he quickly told me it was okay.

We rounded the corner and I saw Justin standing there. Everything froze. This is it. This is really happening.

We continued to walk forward until Jeremy out my hand in Justin's. We both smiled widely and listened to the person.

We put the rings on each other's fingers and said "I do"

"You may now kiss the bride." He told Justin.

Justin looked at me and smiled then leaned forward and kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and his arms went on my waist. The kiss felt like it lasted forever until he pulled away.

I looked up and saw everyone standing up and cheering, especially Chaz and Ryan. I smiled then looked back at Justin who swooped me in his arms causing me so let out a little scream and walked back down the aisle toward our dressing room so I could change for the reception.

I got into my turquoise flowy dress and turned toward Justin.

He smiled and grabbed my hand, pushing me on the wall. "I love you, mrs. Bieber."

"And I love you, mr. Bieber."

He smiled then kissed me softly, it lasted a while until Ryan knocked on the door. "Y'all coming?" I heard him say.

Justin walked over to the door and opened it, "yup."

I followed Justin to the reception and when we got there everyone cheered and I blushed causing Justin to giggle.

We went to the dance floor and had our first dance as a married couple.

After that we all danced and people said their speeches about us, which were hilarious.

"Best day ever." I whispered to Justin. He smiled and turned to me.

"Me too." He kissed me and cupped my cheek in his hand. "I love you so much."

"I love you too."


We got home and went up to our room to pack for the honeymoon. We weren't leaving till tomorrow afternoon. We were going to Rome, Italy.

I was folding my dress when Justin tackled me onto the bed causing us both to laugh. I flipped us over so I was straddling him.

"What do you want?" I asked him.

"You." He whispered then leaned up and kissed me roughly , his hands exploring my body. He rested his hands on my butt and I giggled.

"Well you're gonna have to wait until Rome." I told him. "You're parents and our friends are downstairs.

"Ugh. I'm so glad we have a private jet. You better wear sweats tomorrow like last time." He winked.


Finally the wedding. This is for my two friends Iris and Allen who won't leave me alone about updating

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