With the doctor

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It's been two months and nothing has really happened . It's been boring ...... well I didn't let that keep me down ! Today I went to go visit Time at his job . Once I was there I asked the front desk , " Umm .. I'm here to see Doctor Whooves . " They call him that at work , the front desk lady then said , " Let me call him in ." I had waited a while , I spotted many signs stating the name of the building , Celestia Labratories . Finally , he came and I gave him a hug .

" How's the new machine thing your working on ? " I asked him .

" Not as well as we had planed , but we still need some parts , then we'll do some testing ." I looked at him closely , he had many stains on his lab apron . His hair was a bit frizzy , but he made the whole thing look good .

" Ok well I'll get going my boss needs me at the post office for the summer rush deal ."

" Ok well bye Derpy ! "

" Bye , Doctor Whooves ! " I said teasingly and waved goodbye with a smile . He smiled back and left back to his working area .

I left the building and went Into my pastel blue car and drove to Ponyville's post office .

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