Oops, Now I'm Sorry!

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"What are you doing!" I heard a Bradford accent shout and looked up to find a shocked Zayn standing by the door.

"Nothing, what are you doing?" Niall and I asked in unison.

"I...Paul wants us all to come to the van." Zayn stuttered before walking out the door.

"We should go." I told Niall he nodded his head in agreement and we got off the floor. I grabbed my bags and lead the way out even though I didn't know where we had to go. "Oh!" I exclaimed halfway down the corridor. "I forgot my phone!" I said turning and running back into the room and to the bed where my iPhone was meant to be.

"Is that your mum?" Niall asked coming up behind me and showing me a picture of my mum and me on my phone.

"Yeah and that's my phone so... give it back." I replied turning around. I reached for it but he just held it above my head and began to walk backwards out the door.

"Aww to short to get it?" Niall asked in a baby voice. I stopped and chuckled before running at him, sensing my plan Niall already started running down the corridor.

"Niall, give her the phone back." a tall brown haired man ordered Niall. I expected Niall to give me my phone but he just threw it across the carpeted floor and laughed when I gasped.

"Oops, I'm sorry." he said watching me run to my poor phone and cradle it in my hands. I glared at him and since I don't swear I stuck my tounge out at him.

"Are the lads in the van, Paul?" Niall asked the man, Paul, who nodded his head and began to make his way to the exit we rached the reception area when I did my evil deed.

Paul was near the door and Niall was updating his Twitter status on his phone walking besides me but not looking where he was going. I put my phone safely into my Jean pocket and just as we reached the door I stuck out my foot so the unsuspecting Niall tripped over it.

"Ahh!" he cried as he went flying past me and landed in a heap on the pavement with his phone sit in his hand. Paul and the boys began to laugh when they saw him and I stepped over the blond Irish lad.

"Oops, now I'm sorry." I told him with a victorious smile on my face.

"That was truly evil I like you." Paul told me opening the back door to a white van. I giggled at Niall who had gotten up and was glaring at me before he could do anything I jumped into the back and sat in the far corner by Liam.

"That was mean I only threw your phone in the floor!" Niall complained.

"And I only threw yours on the floor it's not my fault you were holding it." I replied crossing my arms over my chest.

"Is that my waist coat?" Louis asked when the van started to move.

"No!" Niall and I said in a 'don't be stupid' tone.

"It looks like mine." Louis continued frowning at the red waistcoat.

"Louis don't be so shallow that is not your it's mine I brought it a long time ago. Way before you brought yours." Niall told Louis who shrugged his shoulders and began to have a conversation with Harry and Liam.

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