Dance With Me

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Prim's P.O.V

Imagine what it's like to be asked to prom by Harry Styles.

I wanted to break into tears, but I don't. I didn't want to mess up my makeup.

I give him a long kiss. "thank you." I tell him.

I look around. It's just us in the school gym. The decorations are gorgeous. "Did you do all this yourself?" I ask.

"I had a little help. But I did most of it."

"God, this is amazing, Harry."

"I did it for you, love." he touches his lips to mine.

Music begins to play.

A slow song.

"C'mon, love," Harry reaches his hand out for me to grab, "dance with me."

I take his hand and he pulls me close. His hands on my waist, my arms around his neck. Slowly, we sway to the beat of the song.

And it fells amazing.

These are the kind of nights that I feel okay. Especially with Harry with me. He really helps me more than he'll ever know. He's perfect. We're perfect. Tonight I am glad that I am alive. Harry makes me happy to be alive.

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