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"if you took the things worth keeping, would I let you go?"

Chapter One. Pilot.

Her finger tips grazed over the cold metal clip that bonded together the leather bag's clasp and body. Dull, hazel eyes following the movements and curves her fingers traced over as she blinked ever so slightly.


Having been semi-startled, the brunette lifted her head. She focuses on the voice, though looking at the blurry figure coming towards her in the corridor. Still focused on the voice, she mentally matches the voice to the face; still making out the facial features of the person now closer to her.

"Is he okay?" She mutters in her mellow-toned -though still full of worry- voice. Having asked this question, the face makes out to be crying. Her mother, Amelia voice calls out her name once more, this time filled with sorrow. "Jess." Amelia holds open her arms, wrapping them around Jess's slim, tiny figure.

"I'm so sorr-"

"He's gone, isn't he."

A hesitated choke emitted from this slightly taller woman's chest and throat, and into Jess's shoulder.

"I knew it." she spoke gently. Jess's eye began to sting ever so slightly. The dampness of her mother's tear stained cheeks melted into her white knitted sweater.

Her dim-lit eyes slowly shut in the tight embrace of her mother. Her nose breathing in her collarbone and her lips against her chest. Her scent was gentle, and subtle. She smelled of lavender. All she could do was shut the beautiful hazel eyes that hid many secrets, and truths, and emotions, and habits that all binded together this one girl.

The black scenery -better known as the back of her eyelids- was a breath taking, tear reducing, haven to her. Behind them, the darkness blanketed her frail body in warmth, with limp arms wrapped around her shoulders.

"I want to see him." she spoke gently into her mother's shoulder.



aaaaaand hello watt pad citizens!

'tis i, second haze. having thought long and hard (pfft like a day or two) I have concocted the most tragic, dramatic plot of life, okay do you even understand.

anyway, i'm keeping this short. this is half of the first chapter, next half is currently being written. if you have any questions, requests or anythin' don't hesitate to ask or comment~ don't forget to vote and leave a little somethin'~

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