Psychotic Tranny

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It was the middle of the night. I had just got done watching Attack On Titian. I change the channel to teen nick for 90's Are All That & start watching Kenan And Kel.

"AHHHHH here it goes!!!" I said at the same time as Kel. This show is what got me into orange faygo & I hate orange xD

Oh, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Jenna, but call me Jenn (yes with 2 N's) I'm 16 years old, I'm in 11th grade... Well I'll be in 11th grade this September. I have shaggy straight blonde hair with bangs that swoop to my left just like how guys wear their hair (I bassically have Shane Dawson hair xD). I'm bi sexual, my skin is ridiculously pale cause I'm a vampire XD No I'm not I wish I was, I just hate going outside!!! Forever hermit xD Oh yes, I have brown eyes, I'm 5'1 (grrr I hate being short) I'm really hyper when I'm around my friends, & I loooooooooooove 3 Days Grace & A Day To Remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had theme songs, they would be It's Complicated by A Day To Remember & Pain by 3 Days Grace. Despite how awesome & hyper I am I have a past that I wish not to share & I can actually be very shy...

I suppose we should get back to what I was doing heh heh. After it was over I went on & started watching Black Butler.

I was watching the episode when Grell appears in his true form & fights Sebastian. I've always wondered, was Grell born with those chompers, or did he file all his teeth to points? Grr I must know!

*the next day*

I was bored so I decided to go over my grandparents. They don't live far so I just walked. Today I wore a net hoodie with a black tank top over it, a black net skirt (more like a tue tue) that stops a few inches above my knees,

(I'M WEARING SHORTS UNDER IT!!!) & my black convers that go a few inces above my ankles & have belt buckles on them, & the inside of them & laces are blood red.

-_- my step mom made me wear summery cloths & this is all I have! I normally wear t-shirts & jeans! I don't really like to expose my legs. I'm very insecure of my body.

However, since I went & got blood drawn I found out that my vitamin D is at 15% which is dangerously low & could cause problems for me when I'm older but I DON'T CARE!!!

Once I got there, I ran to the fridge, poured myself a tall glass of orange faygo & slammed it! It's the middle of summer right now & it's hooooooooooooooot!!!!

After I made myself a sandwich, I went to my room (Yes I have my own room there) & turned on my Wii & played some Zelda (Twilight Princess)

After that I got bored so I made my way to the basement. It's so dark & creepy down here. I pulled out my ipod touch from my coffin purse (shut up, I know it's creepy but I DON'T CARE!!!) & put on some music.

Mr Highway's Thinking About The End by ADTR!!! "Will we ever (will we ever) get what we deserve?" I sang. ............ "DISRESPECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!!"

xD I love that part!!! I walked over to a mirror & admired my awesome Shane Dawson like hair wishing I were anime.

"I wish I could go to Black Butler... or Attack On Titian." I said out loud. Then, I heard a loud crack of thunder.

~The weather didn't forecast a storm.~ The lights went out & I started to speed walk to the stairs but tripped.

I fell into a mirror & it shattered. I fell right through it & continued to fall. WTF?!! I screamed but they were not heard!!!!

About a few minutes later I could see grass. When did I get outside?!! I landed with a loud thud. "OUCH!!! MY ASS!!!" I yelled.

I spent the last 5 minutes throwing a fit before getting up & looking to see where the fuck I am. Anime. I was inside an anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😃

I found myself in a park & it was quite late so I made my way to the city. Everyone was dressed old fashion. I could tell by the people's accents that I was somewhere in London, cool!

I've always wanted to live here. I nearly fainted when I found out that I'm part British. I wandered to a street past a chapel. People were glaring at me 😞

These people made me feel more out of place by the second. A women walked past me scowling the word prostitute. "EXCUSE ME, BITCH?!!!!!" I screamed at her & punched her in her jaw.

She started having a freak out attack & ran. "That's right, bitch! You better run!" I yelled at her. I walked further down the streets. I saw many slutty women looking at me funny.

A few were says things like, 'she shouldn't be going down that road' or 'does she want Jack The Ripper to get her?' ~Wait, did she just say Jack The Ripper? WTF?! That was like over 200 years ago!~

I've seen From Hell & read the actual story & did a report about the legend! According to legend he was never caught, in the movie he was killed by his leader or whatever, but in Black Butler it was an angry doctor & a gay grim reaper.

Am I really in the late 1800's? I continued walking down the streets getting a few whistles from drunk men. I just flipped them off or told them that I wasn't a fucking prostitute!

These men were getting on my nerves so I ran into an abandoned building. HUGE MISTAKE! When I thought I was safe I heard the door open & close from behind.

I turned around & saw a man with long brown hair in a ponytail, a black trench coat, & glasses enter. He was holding a suitcase.

He smiled at me & I saw his pearly white sharp teeth. "Aren't you a pretty little thing?" He said. Oh my god, I know that voice! That's Grell Sutcliff!!!!!!

As much as I love him I'm scared to death right now!!! He must have confused me for a prostitute which means...

~MY WISH CAME TRUE I'M IN BLACK BUTLER!!!! Wait, shit!!!!~ "I-I-I'm not a prostitute!!" I panicked. Grell only chuckled & pulled out his ponytail & his hair turned red.

"Don't even try." he said. He set his suitcase down & pulled out some rope. ~Shit!!! He's gonna tie me down!!!~

Grell approached me & I acted on instinct & punched him in his stomach knocking some wind out of him before running for the door. I heard him chuckle & he grabbed me by my hair & threw me back.

I jumped at him & I ended up knocking him to the ground & went to punch him in the face but he caught my wrist & giggled.

"hm hm, I got myself a fighter!" he said softly. He grabbed me by the throat & threw me into a wall knocking the wind out of me. I looked up & he was getting up.

He started walking towards me again. I plunged my hand into my coffin purse & pulled out my dagger. Grell began laughing & pulled out his chainsaw.

"Welcome to the afterlife!" He said lunging at me. I screamed & got out of the way. "You're fast." He said. As much as I want to thank him I need to get away from him!

Lucky for me this building is old & has rocks laying around & I picked 1 up & chucked it at Grell's head. He fell over & I took this chance & jumped out the window.

"YOU LITTLE WENCH!!!" I heard him yell. It had broke my heart to hear my 2nd favorite BB character call me that but I still love him. Ok I have a top 5 favorite BB characters.

5th place is Ciel, 4th place is Drocell, 3rd place is Sebastian, 2nd place is Grell, & in 1st place is Undertaker. I know, weird, but he's so awesome & funny! He's a clownish character yet he's a bad ass fighter & if you get on his bad side you're ass is grass!

I continued running until I found myself at the Thames Rivers. I hid underneath the bridge. Never again will I take night walks. ~I hope Grell doesn't find me! I can't run anymore.~

I stood there with my arms wrapped around myself . I froze when I felt hot breath breathing down my neck. I turned my head slightly & there he was. Grell Sutcliff had been right behind me the whole time! "Found you!" He whispered.

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