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Chapter 3

"Oh sorry. I do baseball and I'm not in the larksville one yet though. I'm trying to get into it today at tryouts."
"Oh cool! If you get in, I'll go to your games and you have to come to mine okay?"
"Uh yea okay."

I was blushing at this point. I have never met anyone like Autumn. I think I was falling in love. Of course I would come to her games, to support her. Hah, I'm a bad lier.

"Class please be quiet! We only have five more hours of school. I think you guys can make it."

We had tables of six, but only four of them were filled. The order was me on the left of Autumn, and in front of her is a kid named Clark, and in front of me is someone named smith.
Clark was a husky boy with an obesity of prep. He had light brown hair, and glasses. He seemed that he would be the type on the debate club or at least something that interferes with arguing. When I asked him what he does he said "baseball". I certainly will get in.
Smith had a small puppyish face and a skinny form. He was loud when he wanted to be. He seemed to be good friends with Clark.

"Lunch! Kids line up!"
"Hey your names Taylor right?"said Clark pushing up on his glasses.
"Yep. Why?"
"Me and smith was wondering if you wanted to sit with us."
"Sure, but whose that sitting with you?"
"8th grade baseball players."
"Oh so you guys are already in?"
"Yea sure are. Don't worry though you'll get in."

He smacked me on the back playfully.

"Hey I'm Clide."
"Sup, I'm Taylor."

Clide seemed to have been in the 8th grade for at least three years.

"Sit next to smith. He's a good one. You need to see him at bat."
"I hope to. I'm trying out today."

As I said this another baseball player came and sat next to me.

"Hey new guy? That's my seat."
"And you are?"
"Aaron. I'm team captain here at larksville."
"Oh so I might be hearing a load from you?"
"Yep, so get used to it."

After lunch it was time to go to the baseball field, or I like to call it home.

"Hey! Taylor! Put your things next to my locker. It's labeled with Clark."
"Okay thanks. My bag needed a home."

We headed outside and the whole team that I sat with, walked out with me. It was smith around Clark, Clark around me, I was around Clide, and Clide was around Aaron.

"Boys line up around the bases. I want Clide pitching, and Taylor on bat."
"Clide pitch a fastball for Taylor."

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