Unwelcome Meeting

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Chapter 5:

Unwelcome Meeting

As we drove close to the CAHA building Ciate took a left and we descended into the basement parking. After parking, we entered the lift where Ciate pressed the button for the fiftieth floor. We stood there in silence, the only noise coming from Ciate's gloves as he clenched his fists. This made me nervous and I was worried what this meeting was about.

Eventually the lift came to a stop and we exited into a bustling hallway. I could hear shouts from the edge of the hallway which made me feel sick. The only other time I had entered this building was when I was seven to have a blood test. It was pretty clear from birth that I had inherited some of my father's 'dark elf' characteristics such as pointier ears and extremely blue irises, but they had to be sure. I blocked the memory out of my mind as I followed Ciate through a set of doors which led into a conference room.

Seated at the long table were three men, one of which I recognized as the chief Damain (a Kalus) from business pictures at home. The other two I recognized from the funeral.

"Thank you Bluette, we'll take it from here." Ciate nodded and turned to leave, mouthing a good luck at me as he passed. "Please Miss. Burn, take a seat." Hesitant I made my way towards the table and sat down in the chair Damain gestured to. "To begin with we'd like to say our condolences for your father's passing, he was a good man."

"Yes Mr. Damain sir, he was." I replied looking him straight in the eyes. With a chuckle he glanced sideways at his colleagues.

"You sure have spirit young one, I like that." Waiting for a response that never came Damain continued. " You know what you are I presume, and you know what the CAHA do."

"Yes Sir. Half my genetics are that of a dark elf although as of yet I am unsure of how I differ from a normal human. As for the CAHA, your job is to maintain the peace between the Kalus and Humans."

"Very good Miss. Burn," One of the other men replied. "My name is Dr. Flace, I would like to perform more tests on you if that is al..."

"For heavens sake Flace, give the poor girl a chance," Damain said cutting him off, turning to me he continued. "What we mean to say is that we want you to come and work for us, only on a temporary basis. Now of course you don't have to agree to us right away, but if you do then we will require a few more tests to asses your abilities and what not."

"No offense sir, but I have seen what this place does to its employees. What it has done to my father and what it is doing to my best friend so if you'll excuse me."

"We're loosing the war Fate. We need young people like you who have experience both the human and the Kalus world. Now in regards to your employment I understand this job is not ideal but there is much you are unaware of. Bad things are happening Fate and soon you will have to fight whether you want to or not."

"I do not know whether I failed to make myself clear, but I do not want to work here. I will not respond to manipulation or blackmail so if you don't mind i'll see myself out." I kicked my chair out the way as I went to leave when the third man finally spoke.

"Fate, would you like to meet your brother."

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