Chapter 9- The End

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<POV- Eli>

We stood on an obsidian platform, Arram peering over the edge.

"*low whistle slowly blown* Now that's a void..." Arram said. "How are we getting over there?" Arram pointed to the main island.

"I don't know..." I looked down at Iris. She couldn't very well teleport us. Wait!

"Arram, grab my shoulder, I got this," I told him.

"Alright," he grabbed my shoulder.

I concentrated, then we found ourselves on the main island.

Sweet! I had almost forgotten I could do that...

We suddenly heard a roar bellow out across the sky. We looked in the direction if the sound, and soon, the End dragon came into view, and it was flying right at us.

"I think we ought to run..." Arram suggested.

"Good idea," I said. We turned, and began running. Phil tightened his grip on my shoulder, and I tightened mine on Iris. We ran to the nearest pillar, jumping behind it.

Arram got his axe ready. "When I make my move, You get to the top of this tower and get her healed. I'll distract the lizard."

I think Phil volunteered himself as well, 'cause he jumped off my shoulder and rushed to Arram's side.

I hesitated, "alright guys, good luck."

"To you as well. Just get her better!" Arram said.

The dragon was getting closer and closer.

"On the count of three..." Arram said. "One..."

"Two..." I continued.

"THREE!" we yelled in unison.


I stepped aside and teleported up to the top of the pillar. Arram jumped out from behind the pillar, his axe above his head. He swung it down as the dragon flew by, hitting the side of its head.


<POV- Narrator>

The dragon gave a low growl, then swung its head at Arram. He ducked, and the dragon's head collided with the obsidian tower. The dragon tumbled and rolled over. It lifted itself up.

"To what 'pleasure' do I owe this visit, son of Nishten?" the dragon sarcastically remarked.

"We only have the need to heal EnderIris. Does that name ring a bell?" Arram said strongly.

"It does. But, perhaps, let's say, I won't allow it?" the dragon growled. With that, the healing pedestal exploded, sending Eli and Iris flying.

The pedestal had barely had enough time to close her wound and she was still unconscious.

Eli teleported to the ground, landing with a thud. "What the Netherack was that?!?"

"Son of Arius..." the dragon remarked. "You came to save my 'queen' did you?"

"Yeah, and why won't you let us?! Aren't you both Enderkind?" Arram asked.

"Yes, but as long as she lives, I am bound to this dead zone of ours! Because of her I must obey. The Endermen do not realize this, but once she is dead they will see!" the beast roared before throwing its armored head at Arram, sending him flying against the obsidian tower.

The dragon began to barrel towards Eli, so he held onto Iris as he turned and ran. He ran among a group of close obsidian towers, weaving through several Endermen. They saw Iris in his arms, and grunted a few words. Translated, they had probably said things like: "EnderIris?" or "My queen?!" or "She appears to be injured!"

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