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Harry Styles uploads a status:

With my babe Louis Tomlinson so hungry ;)

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Niall Horan: ooooo

Bob: damn

Liam Payne: it's obvious

Niall Horan: shit on him

Zayn Malik: did you hear guys he's hungry ;)

Tom Parker: Gay

Louis Tomlinson: & proud

Harry Styles: damn right ^

Taylor Swift: rainbow

Selena Gomez: and unicorns

Ariana Grande: I'm awesome

Bob: Ew.

Ariana Grande: what?

Bob: Niall has feet fungus !!!

Niall Horan: do not !

Tom Paker: shut up mr.fungi

Nathan Skyes: uhm Tom you have some to...

Niall Horan: Oooo xD

Bob: just kidding guise I just painted his nails yellow ;D

Harry Styles: one of my biggest fears next to chocking on a hairy booty is touching Nialls toenails

Louis Tomlinson: one of my fears is Harry Styles not shaving down there D:

Niall Horan: how come?

Louis Tomlinson: you could die with his hair!

Taylor Swift: that niggahs pubic hair is longer then His booty hair

Bob: nah. I've seen longer


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