Beautiful Disaster Chapter 3

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''Nikah you bum, there you are I've been looking every where for you''Layla shouted behind me, i turned around to see she had a frown on her face hmm


A little party wont harm nobody!! Right?? Next chapter Party Time :)

'' geez more like I've been looking for you every where, so where did you go'' she looked at me and shrugged ''and where is Jared'' i ask... she looked around,

''well you see, when the fight ended Jared wanted to meet Jace at the sideline, but then we got separated and I've been trying to find him since.'' she kept on looking around confused.

''well i ran into Jace and his mean blonde bimbo but i didn't see Jared with them''

she scrunched her eyebrows in confusion, ''oh well uh..... before he left he told me there was going to be an after party, maybe he's there do you want to come with me'' she asked hopefully ''sure'' i replied maybe i could see Jace again, i know that i would never have a chance with such a sex god boy although he looks in his 20's but nothings wrong with just staring right

''okay lets go then'' she replied with some excitement ''and then Jared can explain where he went......... Oh shuttle monkey Jared drove us here and his cars gone'' she yelled angrily

We were in the nearly empty car park basically stranded ''Goh.. what is wrong with him that self centered jerk he brings us here, and then leaves us here... like what the Fuck'' Oops every time she swears means that she's really angry

''hey hey, look maybe he just forgot or he had a full car actually he could have got an emergency call and had to go'' i said trying to make excuses for that jerk

''uhh.. call a cab, we will catch one there '' she signed

-----------30 min Later 9:13pm--------

We pulled up into the address that Layla gave the cab driver, We payed him then walked towards the house, it was big with people everywhere, red plastic cups, beer bottles and i even saw girls underwear on top of a bush ehh there not wearing any underwear. HOW??

Walking through the house behind Layla there were bunch on people grinding on each other i even seen a dude doing the caterpillar in the middle of the dance floor, i spotted Jace with a group of people sitting around a medium sized table with drinks and beer bottles around them and that blonde girl sitting on his lap.

They were laughing and chatting probably about his fight which i might add was such a turn on. Woah? Nikah where did that come from!! i turned away just as Jace turned his head in my direction then frowned and turned away, of course he would of turned away who would want to look at me no one ever does but hey I've gotten use to it by now.

I made my way towards the kitchen when i bumped into Layla she had forming tears in her eyes '' Layla whats wrong, what happened'' she was crying and hiccuping ''J-ja-red h-he-.'' just then Jared came running down the stairs just with his top halfway on....Oh No he didn't. Layla ran out of my grip, and ran towards the door with Jared right behind her ugh '' that stupid boy''i mumbled before following them out.

Layla's POV

I was walking around the house cringing at a boy that was spewing over the side window, i was trying to look for Jared he said he was going to be here, so where is he, Nikah was to busy looking at Jace i actually find it Cute how she's interested in him, she's never interested in boys but Jace is 22yrs old and Nikah's 17 and she is so insecure about her self but she's gorgeous though, '' Hey have you guys seen Jared'' i asked Nate one if his jock friends from school. '' Yeah he's upstairs'' he said not looking at me, mm wonder why '' Oh...What room?'' i asked

'' erm I'm not sure you're gonna have to check yourself'' he said then walked off ''uh okay''

Walking upstairs like Nate told me too i started checking every room still no sign ugh where is he oh i need to pee!! Bursting through the bathroom door.. i gasped then froze i felt my heart sank a little there in the bath tub was Jared Fucking another whore of his he turned his head then immediately stopped and started pulling his pants up ''Layla'' i ran out bumping into people apologizing, running down the stairs in record time i bumped into Nikah ''Layla whats wrong, What happened?''i felt tears at the rim of my eyes ugh keep it together Layla don't cry over a cheating skum bag ''J-ja-red h-he'' Just then Jared ran down the stairs with his top half way on.

''Layla, Wait'' Jared shouted behind me, running out of the house i tripped down the stairs banging my head against the railing ''Layla'' Nikah and Jared yelled at the same time ''ow''

Jared's POV

''Layla'' i yelled

''Ow'' she moaned i went to grab her arm when she yanked it out of my grip ''don't touch me''she said with a glare ''Look i can explain''she protests ''Yeah, I've heard that'' she muttered i frowned ''I'm sorry Layla, So sorry'' ''Just get you're hands of me '' she yelled with tears flowing down her face.

''just go Jared you've done enough''Nikah breathed before helping Layla up.

''Look i didn't mean to i just-''

''Stop lying, i get it I'm the schools Nerd, i wear glasses i cant give you what you want, i just thought that you could have broken up with me first instead of cheating''she spoke with a sad expression on her face before turning and sitting on the porch swing chair with Nikah.

i signed then walked back into the house trying to find Jace.

''Hey man, where you go?'' Jace besides me

''er...long story short, i got caught cheating'' i muttered drinking the rest of my alcohol

''oh man you're busted haha''

''stop laughing dick'' i glared at Jace

'' i didn't know you had a girlfriend''Jace said curiously

''well i don't anymore''i replied while getting another beer bottle.

''And anyway i didn't know you had a girlfriend'' i accused Jace

''Huh i don't''he frowned

''well then who's that Bethany chick that you've been sucking face with huh''i raised a eyebrow

He smirked ''its nothing, just some fun wont hurt anyo-'' He stopped talking something must off caught his attention turning i saw him staring at Nikah, Poor Nikah still has that bruise on her face from her father ''Why you staring at Nikah for hmm'' i ask ''how do you know her name'' He asked ''its because i brang her and Layla now my ex-girlfriend to the fight and then a banded them i just forgot you know'' i explain

''What happened to her face''He asked curiously ''uh...... her dad'' ''Oh'' i think someone's interested in a certain someone.

Nikah's POV

''hey you alright'' i asked Layla while we lightly swing back and forth

''yeah come on lets get drunk and party'' she smiled after getting rid of her tears

PARTY TIME!!!! maybe i can forget about my past just for one night i smiled widely at that thought...

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