*Chapter 6*

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     As I walked through the front gates and down the hallway, I felt a pair of strong arms snake around my waist that caused me to jump a little. I turned around and saw that it was Jacob which disappointed me just a bit but I quickly hid it.

"Good morning beautiful" he said to me smiling.

"Hello handsome" I said back grinning.

"I'll see you later?" he asked while giving me a peck on the nose.

"Yeah sure" I replied and continued on to my locker.

When I reached my locker, I spotted a small note sticking out.

Hope you're having a good morning and I'm thinking of going to the movies on Sunday?
Love, Matt.

After reading the note, I smiled to myself and walked to meet up with all of my friends. I see Marissa, Kat, and Keanna huddled together talking and as soon as Marissa spots me, she waves her arms frantically for me to join.

"Hey gu-" I said before I got cut off.

"Enough talking," Marissa said, "How is everything with Matt?" she asked while winking.

"For the thounsandth time, there is nothing going on except for the fact that he is really cute and we're hanging out on Sunday, but, nothing is going on." I answered. "And, Jacob and I are coming to each other's sporting events.

Marissa huffed. "Yeah I've noticed that you both only interact through sports, boring!"

"Guys guys, no need to argue, we'll let Stacy figure this out herself and we will support her no matter what she decides ok?" asked Kat.

"Yeah" Keanna said.

"Whatever" replied Marissa.

"Sure" I said to Kat and gave her a thankful look.


"Well that's our signal, see ya Marissa!" we all said to her.

"Yeah yeah see you at lunch." she replied.

We all walked to the lockeroom, changed, and walked onto our numbers and sat down patiently waiting for Mrs.Weigel.

"Hey Stacy, so did you get my note?" asked Matt.

"Oh yeah I did actually but you did know that you could've just texted me" I answered while laughing.

"Don't blame me, I wanted to do something old-fashioned way" he said while making a hand gesture.

"Ok..." I replied.

I turned around and started making a conversation with Jacob.

"Hey Jacob what about the plan this Satur-" I stopped right before I finished.

Jacob was too busy talking to Amara, one of my close swimmate. I guess I'm kind of hurt but I can't blame him to move on since nothing has ever happened to us during the long period of time. I sighed and decided that this relationship just got so much easier. I decided to hive Matt a chance, hopefully he won't make me regret it.

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