Chapter 5

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Pixies POV

I was in Charlie's clothes they were way to tight on me. However my clothes were so baggy on her.

The next thing i know is that everyones jaw dropped i don't know why but they did. I decided to follow their eyes to see that her top obviously didn't fit me and my bra was showing itself to the world. I could feel my cheeks reddening but to my true nature I lived through it and sat down I could feel their eyes on me I hated the feeling. I grabbed Charlie's wrist and ran back upstairs.

Louis's POV

OMG pixie is actually so hot.

"Harry i think i have a crush on pixie" i whispered

"Don't worry mate i think i have a crush on charlie" he whispered back.

When the girls came back downstairs they were back in the normal clothes.

"Phew lets get back to the game anyone want hot chocolate?"pixie asked


"Sure why not" the rest of of them replied.

I walked to the kitchen and helped pixie make the hot choco.

Pixies POV

Louis started to help me but then started to wrap his arms around my waist and started to kiss my cheek. Once i finished making the hot choco louis helped me pass them out.

Is it bad that i think louis has a crush on me and that i may have a crush on him as well.

"Just tell him then if you have a crush on him" harry whispered in my ear

"How much did you hear. Wait don't answer that"

"Don't worry only i heard you. If i tell you something will you promise not to tell no-one"he told me reassuring

"I promise"

"I have a crush on charlie"


"Can we get back to the game " Niall said with a puppy face

"Okay but since your so eager you can go, so truth or dare?"louis said with a smile

"Dare" he said with the cheeky irish grin of his.

"We dare you to lick liam's foot."louis smirked

"Wait how is that fair!" Liam shouted

"Its not" louis laughed

Niall's POV

"We dare you to lick Liam's foot."louis dared me

"Wait how is that fair!" Liam shouted

"Its not" louis laughed

Liam took of his shoe and sock and then i licked his foot it stunk and didn't taste very nice.

"Charlie truth or dare" i asked


"Did you like it when i snogged you?" Harry asked with a cheeky smile.

Authors note

Hey chocoies i hope you like this chapter because we try to do as much as we can but since we have a lot of schl work to do it does get hard sometimes. So bare that in mind but we try to update as much as we can.

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