I'm a slave, to a vampire?

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   *Mariah's veiw*

   I woke up to another boring day, or as people call, Monday. I rolled out of my Nightmare Before Christmas blanket and walked to the bathroom. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and straightened my jetblack hair and was off to my room to get dressed. I opened my closet and picked out a Marilyn Manson T-shirt and a  black mini skirt with some black leggings. I through them on and walked back to the bathroom to put on some mascara, and some eyeliner. As I was walking back to my room to find my combat boots, I saw my ferret Chucky hop out of my boots and on to the floor. I bent down and held out my hand. Chucky jumped onto my hand, and ran up my arm onto my shoulder.

   I quickly put on my combat boots, and grabbed my Casper The Friendly Ghost purse. I opened the purse and Chucky jumped inside. I checked to see if I had my gum, phone, and wallet, then was ready to go...... to freaking school. Im 17 years old and still had to wait for the damn bus. I walked right out of my house without any of my family members saying a word to me, because none of my family members really loved me. After my parents got divorsed I was just living with my dad. My dad is an alcoholic and very abusive so I tryed not to talk to him much. As I walked out of my house I walked down to the bus stop, and waited for the bus. I opened my purse to see Chucky still in there. I grabbed Chucky and gently put him down in front of me so he can do his business on the grass before we get to school. Ya I know that yall are like " why the hell would you bring a ferret to school? " and " why are you naming him Chucky? "

       I bought Chucky at a pet store around my house. I just loved the way Chucky looked. He has dark chocolate brown eyes, and soft brown fur. The first day I bought Chucky I placed him in the middle of my room while I watched the movie "Chucky". My Chucky loved to run up to me and nibble on my finger. Every time he did that I pushed him away, but he just came back for more, kinda like "Chucky" in the movie. Chucky is the only thing that loves me in this cruel world. When my mum and dad split so did I mentally. My dad told me that I was the reason that they split and, that my mum never loved me and never wanted to see me ever again. But I new that my dad was just telling me a load of bullshit.

    As the bus approached us I quickly scooped up Chucky in my hands and place him in my purse. We entered the bus and soon was on are way to school. For me school was a way to get away from my dad because I hated being around him. But some times school was a hell hole to. Yes I have had boyfriends but they would just date me for my body. Im not saying that im the hotiest girl at school but I wasn't to far way from it. I have boobs not to big but not to little if that makes sence. I have a bootie but not as much boobs. Im not chubby I have meat on my bones but not to much, I have curves in all the right places and a stubborn attitude. My attitude always led me to the principal office but, I dont mind it. I didnt really have friends so I dont have much to talk about in school. Thats why I always brought Chuky with me so I could pet him.

      After school was over I  let Chucky do his business out side before bringing him in the house. If my dad found out that I had a ferret in the house he would kill me. After Chucky was done with his duty I placed him back in my purse and walked in side my house. Once I was inside I ran staight to my room and shut the door. I let Chucky rome around my room freely while I get in some thing more comfortable to wear.  While I was in my close getting undressed I heared my dad  screaming my name from down stair. "Mariah you better get your ass down here right now or so help me I'll beat your ass!"

      Chucky ran under my bed and tryed to hide so if my dad came up stairs he wouldn't see him. I throw on a black tank-top and some shorts and walked down stairs. " You stupid bitch!" My dad was in the living room screaming at me and swaying back and forth. Once I saw him swaying back and forth I new he was drunk and he was going to beat me for no good reason. I quickly turned around and started running back up stairs but there was no point in running because he had grabbed me by my hair and drugged me back to where he was standing. He started kicking me in my stomach and shouting " DUMB BITCH. " I kicked and wiggle an finalliy got myself free from him. I ran up stairs, shuting an locked my door. I could hear my dad making his way up stairs and then banging on my door. He started screaming and shouting at me to get the hell out the house so I did. I grabbed Chucky from under my bed and put him in a small backpack I had. I put the backpack on and looked out my window to see how far of a drop it was. As my dad banged the door in I quickly jumped out the window and landed on my knees. I jumped up and started running in a random direction to see where it would take me. I ran down the street still in my tank-top and shorts. I took of the backpack and opened it to find Chucky scared and afraid of what just happened. I took him out the backpack and was holding him in my arms. If you didn't know it is about ten, or eleven at night so now im really scared. I started walking down the street trying to find a safe area to go to but where the hell do I go at this time? I was walking and petting Chucky so he would calm down. While I was walking I saw a white van slowly approached in the oppsite direction I was walking. The van rolled up to me and opened the door. Once the door was half way open I started running as fast as I could down the street. I turned around to see four man that had clown like masks on and a black hoodie with some black pants on running after me. Once they caught up to me they they throw me to the ground. I tossed Chucky on the ground before they cought me. They started to tie me up and places some tape over my mouth. They also took Chucky with me thank glob. Once they where done tying me up they tossed me in to the van and blind folded me. I felt a sharp pain in my thigh and was soon consumed in darknass.

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